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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Friday, November 22, 2002

Note to Neil Rogers

I would bet lots of money I don't have that Condoleezza Rice would put you to shame in just about every way imaginable.

Re: More Racism That Seems to be Getting a Pass: From a racist in Florida by the name of Neil Rogers.

According to Jay Nordlinger: Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush's National Security Advisor, "was born in Birmingham, Ala., in 1954, when Jim Crow — and that regime's local enforcer, Bull Connor — held sway.... Condi was a schoolmate of Denise McNair, one of the girls murdered in the infamous church bombing." Condi skipped first and seventh grades, matriculated in a university at 15, graduated at 19, etc.

And she is somebody a bozo on the radio makes fun of?

Thanks to Dylan for finding this; he quotes the following from Nordlinger's article:

.... Here is a prediction about her: If she becomes secretary of state or even something lesser, she will be big. Rock-star big. A major cultural figure, adorning the bedroom walls of innumerable kids and the covers of innumerable magazines....

Nordlinger was wrong. Rice is, I think, largely ignored by mainstream media — for whom she would, indeed, be "rock-star big" if she were part of a Democratic administration; by less-than-mainstream media, like Rogers, she is mocked and vilified. Frankly, Nordlinger should have known better.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 11/22/02 12:54:00 PM
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"Filial appeal to Pope John Paul II."

I have received an e-mail, with the subject line quoted above, from Saint Gabriel Communications, an organization based in Australia, which includes the following:

.... To the very best of our knowledge, the Leonine prayers have never been the object of formal abrogation by any Council document, Vatican Congregation decree, Pontifical pronouncement or decision by any Bishops’ Conference.
If so, and in line with the basic principle whereby what is not explicitly forbidden is implicitly allowed, the Leonine prayers remain in force in the Catholic Church.

Actually, the Leonine Prayers were suppressed by Inter Oecumenici 48j, Sep. 24, 1964. Moreover, "what is not explicitly forbidden is implicitly allowed" is not a "basic principle" of Catholic liturgy.

[Follow-up: "Restoring the Use of the Prayers of Pope Leo XIII after Mass".]

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 11/22/02 11:16:54 AM
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At Catholic Convert Message Board.

Interesting post by SAM at CCMB yesterday.

.... It's easy to build up grudges. Once I was invited to be on the Board of Directors of our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. I agreed. There was no mistake -- I was asked to sit on the Board as a Director, I agreed, and they told me I was on and when the first meeting was.
When I arrived, we were chatting before the meeting actually began. One Director (nondenominational minister) asked me "where are you churched?" I said I went to St. Bernard's, the Catholic Church here in town. The conversation died. Then, the director thanked me for expressing my interest in applying to be on the Board and gave me a questionnaire to fill out. He told me to wait until there was an opening and the search committee had reviewed all the other applications. He thanked me for my time.
The kicker is that this Crisis Pregnancy Center gets $15,000.00 per year (20% of its budget) from the Catholic Diocese where I live. There are no Catholics on the Board, and the Catholics I know who are interested in pro-life activities never manage to have their calls returned by the Center. Yet the Center still cashes the Diocese's checks....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 11/22/02 10:34:47 AM
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Tom Daschle Has Been Slowly Becoming Unhinged

Every once in a while, though, he takes a giant leap.

By now, surely, you have heard about Sen. Daschle's outrageous accusations against Rush Limbaugh and others in conservative talk radio.

Chris Burgwald blogged a memorable response yesterday:

Wealthy receiving more threats
This just in!
According to a survey of the most wealthy 1% of Americans, that segment of the United States population has received a greater number of threats over the last two years. Apparently, the political language employed first by former Vice President Al Gore in his unsuccessful presidential bid and then by former Majority Leader Tom Daschle in his unsuccessful bid to derail the President's tax cuts a year and a half ago have led to an increase in threats made against the wealthiest Americans and their families.
These people -- who are known with absolute certainty to have taken every single thing Al Gore and Tom Daschle have ever said to heart -- have evidently acted out on their emotions and threatened those who have higher incomes than they do. Some people blame the shrill rhetoric of the aforementioned Democrat politicians for this increase in threats.
Others wonder who there is any possible way to link what they have said with the actions of these disenfranchised citizens. But others point to telltale signals that this is the case; for instance, a number of threats began with language like, "I just listened to [Gore or Daschle], and what he said made me really angry towards you rich people! I'm going to get you!"
That this language was actually used has not been confirmed at this time.
More as this situation develops...

I have been imagining what I would have asked the senator from South Dakota — or, tried to ask him — had I been a reporter at that confab. I would not, of course, be working for ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, nor NYT, WaPo, or LAT, either. I think what I would try to ask would go something like this:

Senator Daschle! Senator!.... Do you have any documentation to provide.... Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. Do you have any documentation to provide by which we may.... Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. Do you have any documentation to provide by which we may verify that what you have said.... Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. Do you have any documentation to provide by which we may verify that what you have said is accurate? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. Does your office log these threats? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. Does your staff report them to the capitol police? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. To the D.C. police? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. South Dakota State Police? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm not finished. FBI? NSA? Anybody? Anywhere? Er... excuse me, Senator, I'm finished.

I can dream, can't I?

For some reason, I think if it had been Republican Trent Lott who had made a similar kind of claim, it would have been ABC-CBS-CNN-NBC, and NYT-WaPo-LAT, who would have been asking — demanding — some kind of verification. They didn't ask Daschle — did they?

I can dream, can't I?

P.S. I know that media would not want to publish anything that would harm, contribute to harm, or incite to harm, a public official. I would not want them to. But I cannot figure out any reason why (1) media would not ask for documentation of such a startling claim and (2) why one making the claim would not be willing to provide the documentation so long as (3) media would use the documentation for verification and not for publication.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 11/22/02 09:08:45 AM
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