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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Fri. 11/22/02 12:54:00 PM

Note to Neil Rogers

I would bet lots of money I don't have that Condoleezza Rice would put you to shame in just about every way imaginable.

Re: More Racism That Seems to be Getting a Pass: From a racist in Florida by the name of Neil Rogers.

According to Jay Nordlinger: Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush's National Security Advisor, "was born in Birmingham, Ala., in 1954, when Jim Crow and that regime's local enforcer, Bull Connor held sway.... Condi was a schoolmate of Denise McNair, one of the girls murdered in the infamous church bombing." Condi skipped first and seventh grades, matriculated in a university at 15, graduated at 19, etc.

And she is somebody a bozo on the radio makes fun of?

Thanks to Dylan for finding this; he quotes the following from Nordlinger's article:

.... Here is a prediction about her: If she becomes secretary of state or even something lesser, she will be big. Rock-star big. A major cultural figure, adorning the bedroom walls of innumerable kids and the covers of innumerable magazines....

Nordlinger was wrong. Rice is, I think, largely ignored by mainstream media — for whom she would, indeed, be "rock-star big" if she were part of a Democratic administration; by less-than-mainstream media, like Rogers, she is mocked and vilified. Frankly, Nordlinger should have known better.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 11/22/02 12:54:00 PM
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