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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sat. 11/23/02 10:45:34 AM

Condi Rocks!

Though she is the object of bigotry.

Thus speaks a reader:

I don't think Nordlinger was all that wrong. Condi is something of a rock star. She's the pin-up gal to all us grumpy old embittered conservative types. She has made this misanthrope's petrified heart into the mushiest of mushy mush. To proffer this shaky analogy: I am 12-year-old girl, she is Justin Timberlake. I just can't wait for the first annual festival of Republican alternative rock: the Condoleezzapalooza!

Okay. But she's not rock-star big the way... well... the way a rock star is. Nor the way she would be if a Democrat was in the White House. I think Nordlinger underestimated mainstream media's bigotry: they avert their gaze from Condi, as much as possible, because she is a Republican working in a Republican administration.

Were Rice a Democrat working in a Democratic administration, her first name would practically be "First" — First Black NSA Condoleezza Rice; First Woman NSA Condoleezza Rice; First Black Woman NSA Condoleezza Rice — whose boss was progressive and intelligent enough to appoint a black, a woman, a black woman, to the position. Not that I think such calling of attention to race and sex is necessarily a good thing: it's just that MM usually does. And we wouldn't have to go to the National Review to read about her: the mainstream weekly magazines, for instance, would be falling all over themselves, I think, to do the biggest, most fawning treatment possible.

As it is, though, she is just another person in an evil a Republican administration. Big whoopee ding-dong.

See Note to Neil Rogers.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 11/23/02 10:45:34 AM
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