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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 12/30/02 10:17:13 AM

Novena of the Litany of St. Joseph

Will you join me?

Beginning on New Year's Day.

Still unemployed, I am going to pray a novena of the Litany of St. Joseph, for the intention of [1] my employment and [2] that of the other unemployed members of St. Blog's parish (there is at least one other, and I think there are two), and [3] that of the unemployed of Blogosphere more generally, and [4] that of everyone who needs honest work.

Here is the text of the litany. ("R/for ff" means "Response for the following".)

EWTN has a webpage of somewhat lengthy meditations and prayers for a Novena to St. Joseph, if you would prefer to use them instead of, or along with, the litany.

The Josephites have a Triduum in Honor of St. Joseph, to which the litany is appended. And Newman Reader has A Triduo to St. Joseph (beginning at page 269) by the Cardinal. Either, or both, could be repeated three times to complete a novena.

A novena is often prayed as a prelude to, or preparation for, some occasion. For that, all I can say is that a novena begun on January 1 will conclude on the vigil of my birthday. :)

Please join me in beginning the new year with a Novena to St. Joseph.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 12/30/02 10:17:13 AM
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