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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Monday, March 10, 2003

"Spot The Difference: Bush and Clinton on Iraq"

Excellent article by Andrew Sullivan today.

.... The truth, however, is that the current Bush policy toward Iraq is indistinguishable from Bill Clinton's. After the U.N. inspectors found that they could no longer do their job effectively in 1998, the U.S. shifted its policy in Iraq toward regime change in Baghdad - exactly the policy now being pursued. The difference between Bush and Clinton, of course, lies in the sense of urgency and importance applied to the same policy. September 11 made the White House acutely aware of the ruthlessness of the new Islamist terror-masters: suddenly, the American homeland was also in play. The possibility of a chemical or biological 9/11 made Washington realize that its continued Iraq policy needed actual enforcement. It made Washington realize that regime change needed to mean what it said.
Are there deeper differences between Bush and Clinton on this? There is, of course, the matter of style. Clinton was a master of the European dialogue. He meant very few things he said but he said them very well. He was a great schmoozer. When he compared the Serbian genocide to the Jewish Holocaust, it sounded earnest but no-one, least of all the massacred Bosnians, actually believed he meant it. And he didn't. If he had meant it, he wouldn't have allowed a quarter of a million to be murdered in Europe, while he delegated American foreign policy to the morally feckless and militarily useless European Union. Ditto with Iraq and al Qaeda. A few missiles here and there; some sanctions that starved millions of Iraqis but kept Saddam in power; and a big rhetorical game kept the pretense of seriousness up. But there was no actual attempt to match words with actions. In this, the French were completely - preternaturally - comfortable. No wonder Clinton was popular....

See also Presidential Statement on Saddam Hussein.

(Sorry, I can't remember whom to thank.)

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"If Ghandi Had Lived in Saddam's Iraq, He'd Be Dead"

A very good blog by Howard Owens, pinpointing the simple-mindedness flaws in some kinds of anti-war, anti-violence emotionalism thinking.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 03/10/03 07:59:35 PM
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"A Fisk Full of Peanuts"

A worthy fisking, by Cato the Youngest, of a most worthy fiskee.

(Thanks, Karen.)

P.S. See also this by Josh Chafetz at OxBlog, referenced by Ramesh Ponnuru in another good piece on Jimmy Traitor's Carter's NYT op-ed.

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Thanks to Glenn Harlan Reynolds for the notice of Rally for Freedom. And thanks to the fellow blogger (you know who you are) who e-mailed the link to the Instapundit.

If you haven't been to The Blog from the Core before — which is rather likely, I'm afraid :) — have a look around!

But allow me to recommend these important addresses that have received very little attention:

And these recent entries from your Humble, Faithful Blogster:

P.S. I especially like this photo from the rally: I'm using it as my wallpaper (1024x768) now. And I think this one, too, is especially nice, with the view of the Ft. Pitt Bridge and Mt. Washington in the distance, beyond the American and POW flags, and the little girl in the foreground.

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John Betts Comes Out Swinging — Against France

A tour de force :) at Just Your Average Catholic Guy.

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