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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 10/06/03 08:27:14 AM

Behold the Future

Which will be Dirty Tricks October and Black November.

The floodgates have let loose lately. Robert Novak said in July that somebody's wife is a "CIA operative"; two months later, mainstream media decides it's the way to get somebody's head at the White House. Rush Limbaugh was hounded off a TV show for having told the truth. Straightaway came allegations of abuse of prescription drugs by Limbaugh, a situation that has been insightfully contrasted with JFK's massive use of pain killers throughout his public life — which was carefully kept hidden from the public for decades after his death.

Then it all gets jumbled. LAT splashes allegations of sexual harrassment by Arnold Schwarzenegger on the front page, beginning last Thursday; never mind that allegations of office battery against Gray Davis have been studiously ignored by that newspaper for six years; and, that credible allegations of rape against the sitting president of the USA were only grudgingly acknowledged on page Z-241. (Jill Stewart, in the second article cited, reveals that the Thursday before an election is called "Dirty Tricks Thursday" by some politicos, to be followed by "Black Friday".) Mainstream-media newspaper headlines screamed that Saddam didn't have WMD; never mind that the interim report said no such thing, and indicated that the exact opposite is quite likely to be discovered. And, let's not forget the allegation, now effectively denied by the one who had sort of made it in the first place, that Schwarzenegger was a Hitler lover.

This has all been hashed and re-hashed across the Blogosphere over the past few days, and I don't have any new information to add.

This is what I want to get across: what we have been witnessing in the media over the past few days is a foretaste of what's coming next year before the general election in November. That's because mainstream media is an arm of the Democratic Party, and slash and burn is the way they think they'll get their power back in a nation that has been incrementally taking it away from them. (Why? Because liberalism has been taken over by cultural Marxists.)

Indeed, I think we ain't seen nothin' yet. I advise my fellow bloggers, conservative reporters and columnists in the new media, and conservative radio talk-show hosts, to get some sleep and relaxation now: in October and November next year, you won't have any time for such luxuries.

P.S. See also Hypocrisy at cut on the bias, Everything Is Not o' Kay at Dust in the Light, and Anybody Notice A Similarity? at Recta Ratio. And do take a look at Announcing NPRPS: The National Press-Release Publication Service.

[Follow-up: Behold the Future II.]

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 10/06/03 08:27:14 AM
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