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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Saturday, November 29, 2003

Crucial Endorsements for Kucinich

Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode XVIII

Dennis Kucinich wraps up the juvenile vote with key ensorsements.

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Grandfather Twilight

The classic children's book icon, Grandfather Twilight, broke twenty years of silence to endorse Congressman Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004. "In these extraordinary times we must act with extraordinary sincerity," he said.

The Pearl and the President
An interview with Grandfather Twilight
by Barbara Helen Berger

I met Grandfather Twilight for the first time in 1975. We became friends and he often visited my studio, where he helped me create a picture book (Grandfather Twilight, Philomel Books, 1984). Yet when he spoke out recently, endorsing Dennis Kucinich for President, I was stunned. For in all the time I have known him, Mr. Twilight has spoken very few words. His is a quiet wisdom. So quiet, in fact, that teachers and parents still remark on the hush that comes over children whenever they hear his story. Full of questions, I ran over to his house among the trees, to catch him before moonrise.

BHB: Hello my old friend! You haven't aged a bit.

GT: Well, it helps if you're timeless. (laughter)

BHB: Seriously now. I came to ask, why did you decide to speak out?

GT: Because of grief.

BHB: What do you mean?

GT: Every night, I see children snuggling with moms and dads who read them a story, and kiss them goodnight. They are the lucky ones. They go to sleep under the pearl of the moon, who spreads her light over everyone. But the world is not at peace. The air is full of smoke and sorrow. The trees tell me they feel it too, even the waves of the sea.

BHB: My heart is aching too.

GT: Children are dying from bombs and guns. The moon sees all of this. But she also sees something else. It is like a dream. Such a good dream, I could hardly believe it at first.

BHB: Tell me!

GT: There is a brave, truth-telling man from Ohio. His name is Dennis Kucinich, a Congressman who is running for President. As you know, I tend to be a calm old man, but when I heard Dennis speak, I got excited. He plans to create a Department of Peace. At last! Why has no one done it before? This is exactly how a wise President should think, what a good President should do! (GT thumped a gentle fist on the table.)

BHB: Yes! I agree.

GT: Whenever I hear Dennis speak, I feel the spark of hope again. He spreads the light in people. It reminds me of that night when millions of us lit our candles at 7 pm, and stood in silence, all over the world. All those little flames together, one light saying one thing: We Do Not Want War.

BHB: I saw you there. And I saw the golden light on children's faces...

GT: To my unspeakable sorrow, some leaders did not believe in that light. They believed in bombs. They said war is the only way to make us safe. But that is the opposite of truth. No child is safer. Anywhere.

BHB: Oh, my old friend, will it ever change?

GT: Not if we give up. I see someone who knows Peace is more than the absence of war--it is a positive power. Someone who is brave enough to stake his life on it. Someone who wants to lead us out of the nightmare. He is not afraid. He knows we can do it.

BHB: I hear a lot of people say they really like Dennis. They like everything he stands for. But they think it's a lost cause, "He'll never be elected," they say.

GT: Our highest dreams are real. At the end of each day, I take one tiny pearl in my hand and walk all the way to the edge of the sea. With every step, that tiny pearl keeps growing until it becomes the Moon. I see this happen. My job is to trust it. So, I know what is possible!

BHB: Do you have a message for young people?

GT: Yes. I want to say, Thank you. Many of you have been my friends since you were very small. Each of you is like a pearl to me, growing up and rising into the sky. By now, some of you are ready to vote. Feel the power of your own ideals and dreams. What kind of world do you want it to be, when you read my goodnight story to your children?

Please do not give up. Let's gather all our light together. Let's move on. Let's have democracy now! We can be kind to America and the world.

BHB: Three cheers to that! What about people who worry that Dennis is too short?

GT: Short is good. Gandhi wasn't so tall.

BHB: I heard the Gandhi Peace Award for 2003 was given to Dennis Kucinich.

GT: True. When the whole deep forest heard the news, what joy! From the grassy roots to the tallest trees, we had a standing ovation.

BHB: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

GT: My pleasure.

Barbara Helen Berger is an artist and writer, best known for her award-winning books for children. These include Grandfather Twilight, The Donkey's Dream, A Lot of Otters, and All the Way to Lhasa: a Tale from Tibet.

Creatures of Forest Sign on for Kucinich

Among the Trees, 7 pm — A sober mood here broke into a raucous celebration as creatures great and small followed the Bear's lead in signing a statement endorsing Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004.

"Pssst, spread the news. Tell a friend. Word of mouse!" said the mouse.

The Bear spoke with gruff authority, "Politics Shmolitics, you say. Well, I challege you. Go deep in the woods. Listen carefully. What will you hear? ... 'We want Kucinich! We want Kucinich!'"

This is a freedom of speech individual citizen's endorsement. It does not reflect the opinions of any organization.

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"Massachusetts Supreme Court Abolishes Capitalism!"

Margaret calls my attention to the latest column by the Blonde Bombshellthrower:

.... The Democrats' purported opposition to gay marriage is like all their other phony policy statements that are the opposite of what they really believe.
When they're running for office, all Democrats claim to support tax cuts (for the middle class), to support gun rights (for hunters) and to "personally oppose" abortion. And then they get into office and vote to raise taxes, ban guns and allow abortions if a girl can't fit into her prom dress.
The common wisdom holds that "both parties" have to appeal to the extremes during the primary and then move to the center for the general election. To the contrary, both parties run for office as conservatives. Once they have fooled the voters and are safely in office, Republicans sometimes double-cross the voters. Democrats always do.

I have always thought "civil unions" for "gays" to be a sham: the effects would be "marriage" in everything but name. And, sooner or later (probably sooner) somebody will go to court and find 4 out of 7 judges who will decide that since a "civil union" is a "marriage" in everything but name then it's somehow, someway "unconstitutional" to not call a "civil union" a "marriage".

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 11/29/03 12:17:41 PM
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