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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sunday, December 14, 2003

"They Aren't Really Americans"

Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode XLI

Matthew Hoy looks at some extremist Democrats' reactions to the Capture of Saddam Hussein:

.... I don't want to question anyone's patriotism, but let's just say that there are people who want us to lose. Lose the war in Iraq. Lose the war against terrorism.
They aren't really Americans. They prefer to think of themselves as some sort of "citizens of the world." They demand that we kowtow to the French and Germans, subordinating our national interest to those who had the most to gain from Saddam's continued dictatorship.
The left in this country is so very sick. They won't be the majority party in this country until they start to have some pride in their nation and the confidence that the military can be used for good.
It will be a long time coming.

And lookee here:

268785, Why there isn't joy about this
Posted by Caution on Sun Dec-14-03 09:39 AM
While I am happy that this man will now pay for his crimes against humanity, this is a huge political victory for George W Bush. It was bound to happen sooner or later and frankly I'm glad it happened now. There is no excuse now not to simply pull the troops from Iraq (this wont happen, the main goal of this all along has been to establish a permanent military presence in the Middle East in a friendly country that isn't Israel. The Big failure was not realizgin just how hated the US is in these parts. I firmly believe that for teh US to survive as a democracy and for the COnsitution to survive, Bush MUST be driven from power along with his neo-conservatives cronies. The Republican party must go back to its roots as a bastion of conservatism instead of as a vehicle for Empire and fascism which is where Bush is currently pushing it. So ANYTHING that helps Bush is a bad thing.

And this (ellipses in original):

268798, OK, good news.
Posted by RandomKoolzip on Sun Dec-14-03 09:45 AM
Now.... what about all the lost jobs here in the US, What about the shady, "sexed-up" intelligence used to GET us into this war in the first place, What about Halliburton's role in both the destruction and rebuilding of Iraq, What about the goddamned WMD's, What about The cutting of veteran's benefits, What about the Patriot Act, What about the stepped-up destruction of the environment during this administration, What about the lack of a living wage, What about the lack of health coverage for millions of Americans, What about the tens of millions of us who are forced to work two full time jobs just to make rent, What about the tax cuts for the rich when the rest of us are struggling, What about the lack of political balance in the major media outlets, What about Diebold and BBV, WHat about Bechtel, What about James Baker, What about the tens of thousands of civilians killed over there to get ONE guy, What about the 300+ US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, What about the stalled investigation into the reasons behind the 9/11 attacks, What about the Valerie Plame scandal, What about the culture of hatred and intolerance that is building and spreading across America, What about Halliburton overcharging the government, What about bringing the troops home and making sure they're safe, What about the mainstream media being owned and operated by Bush cronies and contributors, What about all the soldiers over in the desert still being attacked, What about those 16 words (remember them?), What about teachers in this country getting paid about as much as short order cooks, What about Prescott Bush's Nazi connections, What about Afghanistan, What about the fact that rich white kids don't have to die for their country but dark-skinned kids and poor whites DO, What about the Saudis and their ties to the Bushes, What about Michael Powell (the son of Colin POwell) being the head of the FCC and using that power to stifle any hint of dissent, What about the increasing hegemony of madia outlets serving up only one political perspective, What about Cheney's secret energy meetings, What about those damned WMD's again, What about Bush asking the Iraqi resistance to "Bring it on" to his troops, What about the rich getting richer and never sharing, What about the stalled economy, What about the reasons why it took this goddamned long to find this assh*le, and what about Osama?
Is this really a time for rejoicing?

How about that? Michael Powell is stifling "any hint of dissent". Ha. HA. HA!

And this:

269026, Rejoice for the Iraqis?
Posted by mbperrin on Sun Dec-14-03 11:30 AM
Why? Because we set them up to be ruled by someone for 40+ years and then destroy the country to be set up to be ruled by someone else of our choosing for the next 40?
I want you to tell each and every Iraqi mother whose child has been killed by US bombs and bullets in the last year that she should be happy! Hell, mail 'em a flag and a medal, eh?
Their lives will not change. Their oil is going to be stolen. When they have nothing left that we want, we'll go. Not before. Yes, they should yuk it up!
And so should we. Bankrupting a nation for the exclusive few at the top is after all, the intention of the founders of the country.

And this:

268820, All smiles, but
Posted by AngryAmish on Sun Dec-14-03 09:55 AM
Those Repub assclowns wills use these pictures over and over. I bet his show trial will start about a week before the election next year. We will be beat up as unpatriotic when those jerks are trying to destroy the country. Don't the people realize Bush is Hitler?

And this:

269108, Give him time most Americans liked Hitler
Posted by Sterling on Sun Dec-14-03 12:34 PM
Until it was too late. In fact our Hitlers grandpa helped put Hitler in power and only stopped helping him after he was ordered to do so in 1943.
Please dont pretend to understand History if you can't see the similarities between our current government and evil regimes from history. There are too many. No two situations are exactly the same yes but, Bush is the closest to Hitler we have ever seen here and that is too close.

God help me, I've read enough.

P.S. See also, and Veritas, and The Mighty Barrister.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 09:01:25 PM
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Re: Saddam Capture

Perhaps the shortest e-mail message The Blog from the Core has ever received:

Christmas came early this year!


Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 08:39:21 PM
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San Juan de la Cruz II

Priest and Doctor of the Church

Today, though impeded this year by the Third Sunday of Advent, is the feastday of St. John of the Cross, friar, reformer, theologian — and poet.

Of Hunger for the Coming
Living in lively hope
with that good news from the sky,
earth saw the drudging days
pass more passably by.

But even as hope increased,
as love burned high and higher,
the bride who yearned for the groom
knew anguish of desire.

Praying and praying again,
sighing and pale with pain,
weeping and weeping again,
night and day to exclaim

that he make up his mind and come,
join with her right away.
You could hear: O lucky love,
if I live to see the day!

You could hear: Oh it's long enough!
You know you must come—then come!
You could hear: If a thunderclap
split heaven this minute, and him

I saw with my very eyes!—
no more misery then.
Oh the earth is a dry mouth begging.
Clouds, deliver the rain!

Let the stern earth open,
finish with thistle and thorn.
The flower that makes all earth floral—
time for the flower to be born.

You could hear : O lucky lucky
lovers to see that day—
with your own eyes your lover
hastening your way;

stand near enough to touch him,
brush by his very side,
when that mysterious stranger
hints what the night will hide.

St. John of the Cross
Poems (3rd edition) pp. 63f
tr. John Frederick Nims

See also San Juan de la Cruz.

P.S. And see also Lex Communis.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 08:28:45 PM
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Dean and Friends at NYT Have Really Bad Timing

Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode XL

Tomorrow, Howard Dean is going to give the first "major" "foreign" "policy" speech of his campaign. His supporters will be giddy afterwards. (If you peruse some of the comments from his supporters, at message boards, you might notice that Dean is a magnet for conspiracy nuts and brainless kooks.) I'm not sure anybody else will care at all.

In today's NYT, Dr. Dean faults the administration on the particulars of the "removal" of Saddam Hussein:

.... His planned speech on Monday is the product of many hands, including former Vice President Al Gore, whose consultations on the text were a prelude to his recent endorsement of the Dean candidacy. (Dr. Dean will not say which parts Mr. Gore edited.)
He also plans to announce on Monday that a host of advisers including W. Anthony Lake, former President Bill Clinton's first national security adviser; Adm. Stansfield Turner, the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency; and Adm. Charles Larson, the former commander of all forces in the Pacific have signed on to the campaign. Like several of the other Democratic candidates, he also consults Samuel R. Berger, who succeeded Mr. Lake as national security adviser.
The speech is filled with critiques of how Mr. Bush squandered good will toward the United States, and assessments like this one: "The removal of Saddam Hussein was accomplished in the wrong way, at the wrong time, with inadequate planning, insufficient help and at unbelievable cost." ....
He said he was not surprised by the administration's moves to cut France, Germany, Russia and other nations out of American contracts for rebuilding Iraq, and then to ask the same countries to forgive Iraq's multibillion-dollar debts. "Tin ear is the characteristic of the president's foreign policy," he said....

Dean thinks Bush has a "tin ear" because Dean is listening to the Democratic elites and their comrades in Europe; Bush, on the other hand, is listening to Americans. Too bad for Dean, I suppose, that the Russians, French, and Germans don't get to vote in next year's presidential election.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 04:58:48 PM
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Three by Rossetti II

Poems by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

A Triad

Three sang of love together: one with lips
   Crimson, with cheeks and bosom in a glow,
Flushed to the yellow hair and finger-tips;
   And one there sang who soft and smooth as snow
   Bloomed like a tinted hyacinth at a show;
And one was blue with famine after love,
   Who like a harpstring snapped rang harsh and low
The burden of what those were singing of.
One shamed herself in love; one temperately
   Grew gross in soulless love, a sluggish wife;
One famished died for love. Thus two of three
   Took death for love and won him after strife;
One droned in sweetness like a fattened bee:
   All on the threshold, yet all short of life.


Promises Like Pie-Crust

Promise me no promises,
   So will I not promise you:
Keep we both our liberties,
   Never false and never true:
Let us hold the die uncast,
   Free to come as free to go:
For I cannot know your past,
   And of mine what can you know?

You, so warm, may once have been
   Warmer towards another one:
I, so cold, may once have seen
   Sunlight, once have felt the sun:
Who shall show us if it was
   Thus indeed in time of old?
Fades the image from the glass,
   And the fortune is not told.

If you promised, you might grieve
   For lost liberty again:
If I promised, I believe
   I should fret to break the chain.
Let us be the friends we were,
   Nothing more but nothing less:
Many thrive on frugal fare
   Who would perish of excess.


Sleeping at Last

Sleeping at last, the trouble & tumult over,
   Sleeping at last, the struggle & horror past,
Cold & white, out of sight of friend & of lover,
               Sleeping at last.

   No more a tired heart downcast or overcast,
No more pangs that wring or shifting fears that hover,
   Sleeping at last in a dreamless sleep locked fast.

Fast asleep. Singing birds in their leafy cover
   Cannot wake her, nor shake her the gusty blast.
Under the purple thyme and the purple clover
               Sleeping at last.


The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors (sixth edition), ed. M.H. Abrams, et al., pp. 2106f, 2122f, 2124f.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 12:18:21 PM
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"Terrorist Behind September 11 Strike Was Trained By Saddam"?


[Follow-up: "Dubious Link Between Atta and Saddam"?]

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 11:17:42 AM
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We Got Him!

Saddam Hussein has been captured!

Deo gratias.

Kudos to our guys on the ground who have accomplished this!

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 12/14/03 09:36:11 AM
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