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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Saturday, April 17, 2004

Blogworthies XI

Because The Blog from the Core simply can't cover everything.

Noteworthy entries @ Envoy Encore; South Dakota Politics; Daschle v. Thune; I love Jet Noise; The Curt Jester; Dyspeptic Mutterings; Off the Record; Oh, That Liberal Media; Catholic Analysis; A Small Victory; Cor ad cor loquitur; and, Fenster Moop.

From the Same Homosexual Canadian Politician Who Ridiculed 9/11 comes a bill that would outlaw the Bible and Catechism in Canada. @ Envoy Encore:

I kid you not. Canadians are now on the verge of losing their religious and civil liberties. Private Member's Bill C-250 will potentially outlaw the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Canada as hate literature. What frightens me and other Canadian Christians is that the bill already passed our House of Commons and is on the verge of passing in the Senate as well.
Bill C-250 is a private member’s bill that enshrines “sexual orientation” in Canada’s anti-hate speech laws. It leaves the expressions “sexual orientation” and “hate speech” undefined. Yet in recent rulings upheld by Canada's human rights tribunals, simply quoting from the Bible and other religious texts can now land you massive fines with the threat of incarceration....

BOMBSHELL: Internal memo reveals Kranz collaboration with Democratic Senator @ South Dakota Politics:

This past Sunday, David Kranz, the dean of South Dakota political reporters, wrote a piece headlined "Politicos see no danger of Daschle losing clout." The piece had all of the markings of a collaborative effort between Kranz and the Daschle campaign to "deflate" the notion that Tom Dachle might not be selected to lead the Democrats should he win re-election (see DVT's thoughts on the piece). And, as night follows the day, it has been discovered today that Steve Hildebrand, Tom Daschle's campaign manager, has launched a mass fundraising e-mail citing Kranz' piece as third party "validation." Clearly, Kranz and Hildebrand think that the notion that Tom Daschle will not be re-elected to his leadership position is potentially very damaging, and that it needs to be squelched. The relevant text of Hildebrand's mass fundraising e-mail follows: ....

Kranz on Daschle @ Daschle v. Thune (emphasis in original):

As noted, there are many problems with the Kranz article about Daschle's leadership post from last Sunday. The basic problem is that Kranz says there's no threat to Daschle's leadership position. But he selectively quotes from Stuart Rothenberg and doesn't note his statement that Daschle is losing clout....

Reviewing the 9/11 Commission @ I love Jet Noise:

If the 9/11 commission has so far failed to achieve its stated purpose — to shed light on why we we failed to prevent the attack on September 11th, 2001 — it has been more successful in another regard: casting light on the motivation of the administration's accusers. The hearings showed not only the folly of trying to assign blame for preventing a surprise attack, but that the focus of the committee was more on assigning blame and scoring points than on real inquiry (which could best have been achieved in closed committee without the grandstanding). Several columnists comment: ....

Did you ever notice that ... Andy Rooney is an idiot @ The Curt Jester:

For the most part Andy Rooney's article on our soldiers in Iraq is self-fisking and drivel just not worth messing with. One part though showed just how bad he is at analyzing data and making a conclusion....

Actually, they are heroes, Mr. Rooney. @ Dyspeptic Mutterings:

I saw this yesterday, and nearly composed a profanity-laced tirade. As in paint-peeling, f-bomb heavy, hide-the-children-he's-at-it-again material.
It will remain in my head. Fortunately. Apart from the title, it's actually not the worst thing I've read on the subject.
So, instead I'll post a gentler rebuttal.
My brother Doug is a hero....

belief, unbelief, and bad faith @ Off the Record:

Last month, National Catholic Reporter contributor Chuck Colbert planted himself in a parish mass near Boston with the purpose of disrupting it by gay shock tactics. I questioned the propriety of his pretending to write as an objective reporter. To his credit, the NCR’s editor Tom Roberts takes up the issue and addresses it directly....

Los Angeles Times Ratchets Up Its Campaign of Distortion Against Justice Scalia @ Oh, That Liberal Media (emphasis in original):

Apparently, the editors at the Los Angeles Times believe that using the word "apparently" in front of a factual assertion relieves them of the responsibility to back up that assertion with evidence....

Time to Speak Out @ Catholic Analysis:

Over the weekend, various news reports made it clear that there is a split in the Catholic Church in the United States. On the one hand, there are the apparent majority of bishops who take a passive approach to protecting the Eucharist. On the other hand, there are those bishops such as Archbishop Burke of Saint Louis who take a proactive approach to protecting the Eucharist. Cardinal McCarrick of Washington, D.C., places himself in the passive camp: ....

The Gall of Rall and the Traitors of the Left @ A Small Victory:

Of course I am worried about Iraq. It's a frightening situation and it's gotten to the point where I dread turning the news on. But, this is war. And it would be frightening no matter what.
It's not the war being waged in Fallujah and Sadr City that scare me the most, though. It's the war being played out against America — by Americans....

The Problem of Authority: Luther, Calvin, & Protestantism @ Cor ad cor loquitur:

Excerpt from my upcoming book, The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Protestants Wish Away; Chapter Five: "Bible and Tradition"; section one: "The Necessity of Authoritative Interpretation" (commentary on the biblical passages Nehemiah 8:8, Acts 8:27-31, and 2 Peter 1:20): ....

Slavery and Justice at Brown @ Fenster Moop:

I linked below to a column by Thomas Sowell critical of Brown President Ruth Simmons' University Steering Committee on Slavery and Justice (here). Though the column itself read like what it is — a syndicated opinion column — what backs up the criticism of Brown is Sowell's academic work on race and culture. Agree with him or not, but his political opinions bear the imprint of academic research to a greater extent than, say, Bob Herbert or Rush Limbaugh. Which is another way of saying: he's arguably got the chops to involve himself in a controversy involving the academy, a place notorious for assuming that if you don't have the academic credentials, you have no real standing to comment....

See also Blogworthies X and Blogworthies XII.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 04/17/04 05:52:39 PM
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"Kerry's Inner Circle Lacks Color"

Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode CCLXIII

John "F" Kerry is sent a helpful warning from CNN, yesterday:

Walking the walk
While Democrats have long claimed to be the party of greater inclusiveness, this year President Bush may argue that his administration is more diverse at senior levels than John Kerry's would be.
Seizing on the nation's diversity — the country is almost one-third non-white — Bush has appointed African-Americans, Asians, Latinos and women to senior and non-stereotypical roles: Secretary of State, national security adviser, Transportation Secretary, White House Counsel.
Unlike Al Gore whose campaign manager, political director and finance director were African-American, the Kerry campaign, as of yet, has no one of color in the innermost circle, including Kerry's campaign manager, campaign chairperson, media adviser, policy director, foreign policy adviser, general election manager, convention planner, national finance chairman, and head of VP search team.
That's an odd position for a campaign that will probably rely on African-Americans and Hispanics for one in four of their general election votes and the crucial margin of difference in battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio.
Though Kerry could claim that a campaign team and administration are two different things, that kind of defense might not wash with voters. Indeed, Kerry argues that the campaign is still forming and things will change.
"John Kerry and this campaign are committed to diversity. We are building our general election campaign, and it will be reflective of the diversity of the Democratic party and of America," Kerry deputy campaign manager Marcus Jadotte said Wednesday.
"If John Kerry is entrusted with the presidency, he is committed to building an administration that matches the high standards set by Bill Clinton, " Jadotte added.
True, influential members of Congress including Rep. Harold Ford, D-Tennessee, Greg Meeks, D-New York, and Rep. Juanita Millender-MacDonald, D-California, and also former Cabinet Secretary Henry Cisneros are key advisers and people of color. One Kerry deputy campaign manager, Jadotte, is also African-American.
Despite these facts, if Kerry's inner leadership circle remains the same, do not be surprised if Bush points out the inconsistency, a more effective issue than many Democrats can imagine. Indeed, RNC Chair Ed Gillespie has set the ambitious goal of securing 25 percent of the black vote in 2004. While that sounds crazy to many Democratic insiders, shining a light on Kerry's lack of diversity may be one way to get there....

Ah, yes. How sweet of CNN, to send out this warning to the Kerry campaign so they can put one or two token blacks into the "inner circle" early in the general-election campaigning.

But what if the campaign declines?

P.S. No word yet on when CNN will start giving helpful hints to the Bush campaign. Ha!

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 04/17/04 09:45:25 AM
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"This is an Imperialist Country That's Fighting an Imperialist War"

Democrats in Self-Destruct Mode CCLXII

During an exchange, Wednesday, at City College of New York, John Kerry was reminded how difficult it will be for him to mollify his party's left wing when retired college professor Walter Daum challenged him on Iraq (ellipses in original).

+ + + + +

DAUM: You have said, "Stay the course." George Bush calls the people there "thugs;" you call them "extremists." But they hated Saddam Hussein, and they now hate us. They wanted Saddam Hussein out. Now they want the United States out. And you say, "Stay the course." What the United States is doing is bombing hospitals, bombing mosques, sniping at civilians, killing hundreds of civilians, wounding thousands of civilians. And you say, "Stay the course." Is that the criminal course that you want to stay? This is an imperialist country that's fighting an imperialist war. You say, "Stay the course of this imperialist war," and you say you are a stark difference from George Bush. People hate George Bush. By the end of your presidency people will hate you for the same thing. You may fool some of the Americans that you are different from George Bush on this war, but you're not fooling most of the world and you're going to fool Iraqis.

KERRY: I have consistently been critical of how we got where we are, but we are where we are, sir. And it would be unwise beyond belief for the United States of America to leave a failed Iraq in its wake. And I want the Americans out, and so do Americans want —

DAUM: No you don't. You say, "Stay the course," senator.

KERRY: Let me just finish. Stay the course of leaving a stable Iraq.

KERRY: If you don't leave a stable Iraq with a legitimacy to whatever entity is going to transform the government, you have the potential for a civil war, you have the potential for Shi'a vs. Sunni vs. Kurd. There are all kinds of potentials. Let me just finish.

DAUM: They are united against the occupation.

KERRY: Yes, but... but... but the point is this, sir. You're not listening to me.

DAUM: Oh, yes, I am.

KERRY: Well, then you haven't, frankly, listened, because in fact the course that I have proposed is to you turn over to the United Nations the full responsibility for the transformation of the government and for the reconstruction.

+ + + + +

Walter Daum, thy name is Why Kerry Fears Nader.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 04/17/04 09:15:16 AM
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