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Three by Meynell II

Three poems by Alice Meynell.

"I am the Way"

         Thou art the Way.
Hadst Thou been nothing but the goal,
         I cannot say
If Thou hadst ever met my soul.

         I cannot see—
I, child of process—if there lies
         An end for me,
Full of repose, full of replies.

         I'll not reproach
The road that winds, my feet that err.
         Access, Approach
Art Thou, Time, Way, and Wayfarer.

(from "Later Poems")

Via, et Veritas, et Vita

"You never attained to Him?" "If to attain
         Be to abide, then that may be."
"Endless the way, followed with how much pain!"
         "The way was He."

(from "Later Poems")

Veni Creator

So humble things Thou hast borne for us, O God,
Left'st Thou a path of lowliness untrod?
Yes, one, till now; another Olive-Garden.
For we endure the tender pain of pardon,—
One with another we forbear. Give heed,
Look at the mournful world Thou hast decreed.
The time has come. At last we hapless men
Know all our haplessness all through. Come, then,
Endure undreamed humility: Lord of Heaven,
Come to our ignorant hearts and be forgiven.

(from "Later Poems")

The Poems of Alice Meynell: Complete Edition (1923), pp. 64, 65, 69. The book is on line here.

See also Three by Meynell: Three poems by Alice Meynell.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 04/11/04 07:47:13 AM
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