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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sun. 04/11/04 03:48:49 PM

Blogworthies X

Because The Blog from the Core simply can't cover everything.

Noteworthy entries @, small dead animals, The Mighty Barrister, Lead and Gold, Irish Elk, Dyspeptic Mutterings, Lex Communis, SecretAgentMan's Dossier, The Mighty Barrister (again),, Catholic Analysis, and Catholic Ragemonkey.

Chris Matthews Misrepresented Rice's Testimony @

On Hardball, which I was just watching, Chris Matthews played this excerpt from Condoleezza Rice's testimony for the 4 9/11 widows he was interviewing: ....

Rice: Testimony Manipulation @ small dead animals:

Just after the Rice testimony had concluded, the local talk-radio station had their usual hourly news blurb. They're a CNN affiliate — I will assume this was a CNN feed....

The Truth Will Come @ The Mighty Barrister:

I have a lawyer friend who likes to look at the courtroom as a "Crucible of Truth" in which the facts are ground down until there is nothing left but The Truth.
Frankly, I think he got that from a Captain Picard quote, but, occasionally, a courtroom certainly works like that....

Information overload? @ Lead and Gold (italics in original):

Kevin Holtsberry writes:
I wonder at what point you have more information coming in than you can possibly handle. I feel like I am at that point right now. I have never been very good at focusing my interests.
I feel his pain. Between the internet, online booksellers, and magazines, information comes at us in torrents. It really is like trying to drink from a firehose.
But i have come up with a few coping mechanism....

The Rwandan genocide that commenced 10 years ago this week took 800,000 lives in 10 weeks. @ Irish Elk:

That's a rate of 80,000 a week. Much of the job was done by machete.
The United States, to its shame, did nothing. (One of loudest voices against intervention: Richard Clarke.) ....

Kerry. Again. @ Dyspeptic Mutterings (italics in original):

Kerry's candidacy and faith keep intersecting. Count on it to continue through November. Yesterday's New York Times documents the latest example.
Mr. Kerry became combative when told that some conservatives were criticizing him for being a Roman Catholic who supported policies, like abortion rights and same-sex unions, that are at odds with Catholic teaching....

Needless to say, but I'll say it anyhow, if this statement had been made by a Republican candidate for President, it would be Exhibit A in the case for that candidate's incompetence. @ Lex Communis:

But the New York Times gives John F. Kerry a "do-over" in this statement: ....

Another Draft Uncovered @ SecretAgentMan's Dossier (brackets and quoted ellipses in original):

In time for April 1, the National Catholic Register published a story titled, "Bishops Plan to Make New Hymn Rules." True to the occasion, the story made it clear the Bishops aren't planning to make any rules about anything, and that they are not doing that with all deliberate speed. The Dossier has obtained a draft of the story.[**] Changes from the published version have been indicated by blue text. For those not in the know, this story is part of an interminable installment series published in various Catholic media titled, "U.S. Bishops.... Stall.... Stall.... Stall... Forever.... Stall.... Stall... Stall.... on... Stall... Stall... Stall... Liturgiam... Stall.... Stall.... Stall.... Authenticam." ....

New Day Dawning @ The Mighty Barrister:

I've blogged before about the sad state of Catholic higher education. Many so-called Catholic universities think the Vagina Monologues is high art and compatible with Catholic teaching. It is neither....

Photos of the protest @

You've asked for them (well, maybe you haven't, no matter) so here they are....

The Bible is Catholic @ Catholic Analysis:

Many Catholics are used to being asked if they "have been saved" or are sure "they have been saved" by well-meaning evangelical Protestants whom one has to admire for taking the obligation of evangelization so seriously. The short answer by a sincere practicing Catholic can be "Yes, I have been saved and am continuing to work out my salvation with fear and trembling." This succinct response goes back to the Bible: ....

Learning to Ask All the Right Questions @ Catholic Ragemonkey:

Since I am in the process of engaging in a bit of narcissitic autobiography for Crisis, and what is a blog but a live action autobiography, I will sharpen my writing skills here and tell you how I became a Catholic. How I became a priest comes later....

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