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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Fri. 04/16/04 07:01:13 AM

Gorelick, Appointed by Daschle, Worked With Tenet

So says the New York Post, today (brackets in original):

New questions surfaced yesterday about 9/11 commissioner Jamie Gorelick's potential conflicts of interest after it was revealed she was more deeply involved in anti-terror efforts than has previously been known. Records obtained by The Post show that Gorelick, while serving in a top job at the Justice Department, met every two weeks with George Tenet, then the No. 2 official at the CIA, and headed then-Attorney General Janet Reno's national-security team.
Gorelick's own description of her counter-terrorism duties under Bill Clinton is contained in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1995.
But they are not mentioned in her official biography on the 9/11 commission Web site.
Gorelick is already facing calls for her resignation after it was learned she penned a Justice Department memo that some officials say hindered the fight against terrorism by limiting information-sharing by agencies.
In the 9/11 hearings, Gorelick recused herself only from questioning Reno, her former boss, but she was active in grilling Tenet and several other top CIA officials who were all at the agency when Gorelick was the chief liaison between the CIA and the Justice Department.
Asked whether her role in the Justice Department posed a conflict of interest for Gorelick — who is scrutinizing the terror policies under Clinton and Bush — a 9/11 commission official responded, "She was appointed by Sen. [Tom] Daschle. We didn't do the vetting. He did." ....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Fri. 04/16/04 07:01:13 AM
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