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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Wed. 05/26/04 07:06:27 AM

Two Years Old Today

The Blog from the Core celebrates today its second blogiversary.

Your Humble, Faithful Blogster continues to be amazed and grateful that — among the millions of weblogs out there — anybody takes an interest in this Needless Commentary from Small-Town America.

Here is how The Blog looked in its infancy. The template was changed after a few months, so a lot of you really don't know what The Blog from the Core looked like in its early days: here are the usage statistics (from awstats software) for the first two years, as of this past Sunday, May 23.

of Visits
May 2002279388
June 20029251,743
July 20026771,265
August 20021,4402,548
September 20021,2882,396
October 20021,6322,856
November 20021,9773,147
December 20022,5304,144
January 20031,9733,484
February 20031,6252,733
March 20034,5916,941
April 20032,7744,740
May 20032,4874,344
June 20032,2984,010
July 20032,2274,047
August 20032,8445,148
September 20033,6106,024
October 20032,0914,692
November 20032,1785,249
December 20032,9876,744
January 20044,1878,667
February 20044,0208,862
March 20043,9989,346
April 20044,6909,672
May 20043,0886,349

I'd like to note a few things. First, the stats for March 2003 were quite a spike: that's because of the Instanod. (September's smaller spike was probably because of some of my 9-11 blogs.) Second, the monthly stats now regularly approach the level achieved in the month of the Instanod. Third, there was a respectable uptick from July 2003 to August 2003, which is significant because I took off a whole week in August. (And I'll probably take a week off this summer, too. If not two weeks.) Last, there was also a respectable uptick from March 2004 to April 2004, which is significant because I blogged only a poem per day during Holy Week.

Because of the vagaries of Internet architecture, the figures for "Unique Visitors" and "Number of Visits" are difficult to interpret with accuracy. (Put simply, the server doesn't know you as an individual; it just knows the IP address of the computer you're using, which may change from visit to visit even if you always use the same machine.) My own speculation is that The Blog from the Core has between 500 and 750 regular — by which I do not mean daily — readers.

And you're all, I'm sure, unique. :-)

Now, for your enjoyment, A Decade of Centuries.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Wed. 05/26/04 07:06:27 AM
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