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Three by Plunkett I

Three poems by Joseph Mary Plunkett.

O Lovely Heart

O lovely heart! O Love
No more be sorrowful
Blue are the skies above
The Spring is beautiful
And all the flowers
Are blest with gentle showers.

Although the morning skies
Are heavy now with rain
And your incredulous eyes
Are wondering at your pain,
Let them but weep.
And after give them sleep.

O sorrowful! O heart
Whose joy is difficult
Though we two are apart—
Know you shall yet exult
And all the years
Be fresher for your tears.

(from "Earlier and Later Poems")

O Bright! thy Stateliness and Grace

O Bright! thy stateliness and grace
Thy bearing and thy dignity
Bring intuition of the place
That still is native unto thee.

Solely thy native airs delight
Can still thy silences embalm,
Solely thy native leven smite
Through thunders of unbroken calm.

A twyfold presence is and seems
To emanate from thine atmosphere,
Clothed in reality and dreams
It is in heaven, and it is here.

The forms of love enfolding thee
To flowers of earth and heaven belong,
Whose roots take hold in mystery
Too deep for song, too deep for song.

(from "Earlier and Later Poems")

White Dove of the Wild Dark Eyes

White Dove of the wild dark eyes
Faint silver flutes are calling
From the night where the star-mists rise
And fire-flies falling
Tremble in starry wise,
Is it you they are calling?

White Dove of the beating heart
Shrill golden reeds are thrilling
In the woods where the shadows start,
While moonbeams, filling
With dreams the floweret's heart
Its dreams are thrilling.

White Dove of the folded wings,
Soft purple night is crying
With the voice of fairy things
For you, lest dying
They miss your flashing wings,
Your splendorous flying.

(from "Earlier and Later Poems")

The Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett (1916), pp. 63, 65, 66. The book is on line here.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 06/06/04 07:36:28 AM
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