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Three by Tabb VII

Poems by Father John Banister Tabb.

The Peak

As on some silitary height
Abides, in summer's fierce despite,
Snow-blossom that no sun can blight,
   No frost can kill;
So, in my soul—all else below
To change succumbing—stands aglow
One wreath of immemorial snow,
   Unscattered still.

(Jan. 1892)


I go not to the grave to weep,
But to my heart, wherein I keep
A hidden manna that hath fed
Alike the living and the dead.

We gathered it as, day by day,
It fell from heaven upon our way,
To be, if haply one were gone,
The bread for both to feed upon.



I miss thee everywhere.
   The places dear to thee,
Familiar shadows wear
   Henceforth for memory.

And where thou hast not been,
   Thou seemest to repose
As near, though never seen,
   As fragrance to the rose.

(Dec. 1906)

The Poetry of Father Tabb (1928) pp. 155f, 156, 157.
ed. Francis A. Litz, Ph.D.

See also Three by Tabb VI: Poems by Father John Banister Tabb.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 09/19/04 09:12:47 AM
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