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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 10/26/04 09:42:46 PM

Something Wicked This Way Comes

What else is left?

A couple of weeks ago, I started to think about writing this. At the time, I thought I'd be going way out on a limb. Since then, other bloggers have broached the subject, one way or another, directly or indirectly.

One week from today, the results of the general election will be greeted with violence — serious violence, sustained to some extent, and more-or-less coordinated and organized.

You see, the venerable Democratic Party — the party of Franklin Delano, John Fitzgerald, and Hubert Horatio — is already well on the way to becoming the Sedition Party.

We need not look far to find the evidence. East or west, north or south: it's there, it's everywhere.

  • Violence against Republican / Bush-Cheney offices has been reported from all over the country, for weeks (if not months). Intimidation of overtly Republican voters has already been reported from locations that allow early voting.
  • The Democratic Party, the Kerry-Edwards campaign, and their "527" comrades, are plainly and simply lying about these incendiary topics to scare people who don't know better: the draft, for which nobody has any plans; Social Security, whose benefits nobody plans to reduce; and, non-existent voter intimidation & suppression among blacks.

Physical violence and outrageous lies: those are not the tactics of people who are confident they're going to win. Nor are they, I think, the tactics of people who are concerned that it's going to be a close race. They are the tactics of people who are pretty sure they're going to lose.

And they are not, most importantly, the tactics of people who drop such tactics and go back to work or school when they have lost.

How did the Democratic Party make such strides towards becoming the Sedition Party?

They have taken the sitting president of the United States of America and, not merely vilified him beyond excuse — which has been, after all, rather common in American politics over the centuries — but demonized him beyond reason. George W. Bush, his administration, and his political party have been compared — seriously, deliberately, repeatedly — to the most oppressive and brutal tyrannies in the history of the human race.

Where do they go from here? Years of mindless demonization driving unconscionable lying already coupled with sporadic violence: where could they go from here?

What is left to them? What's left to them? What's left? Left?


That's the one-word key, I think, to understanding what's been going on so far and what's going to happen next. The Democratic Party has been increasingly controlled by Leftists, and has thus increasingly adopted Leftist viewpoints, for 20-25-30-35 years. That party operatives would also adopt Leftist strategies and tactics — such as violence and outrageous lying — is a rather obvious development.

That they would drop those strategies and tactics immediately upon losing a fair & honest election — or even a rigged & dishonest election — strains credulity.

Lord, I hope I'm wrong. I hope we can look back at this brief essay — which I admit is rather a mish-mash of ideas I can't express very well — I hope we can look back a couple of weeks from now and laugh at my silliness.

We shall see.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 10/26/04 09:42:46 PM
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