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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sat. 10/30/04 08:41:49 AM

Election Day Novena VII

Almighty God, all things are in your hands: our nation, our communities, our families, our lives.

In this time of great decision, bless our country and its people. Prosper the efforts of the just and true, and thwart the purposes of the unjust and dishonest. Preserve our land from violence and turmoil, and keep our relationships decent and respectful.

Inspire voters, legislators, executives, and judges so our country may be a land where morality is furthered by law and authority; where life is protected, marriage is respected, and family is supported; where the innocent are spared, and the guilty are punished; where justice is tempered by mercy, and mercy fortified by justice.

Help us to keep the United States of America a land where the rule of law and respect for individual dignity are the legal foundation of a just order.


The ubiquitous Earl Appleby has added his own petition:

And, dear Lord, we pray that in the next presidential election we might have a candidate whom we could support wholeheartedly, without moral or mental reservation, rather than one whom we feel duty bound to vote against in defense of every scrap of moral decency that yet remains in our once Christian nation.

Quenta N‚rwenion is also blogging the novena.

The Curt Jester has been blogging additional prayers for the novena.

Another novena continues at Knitting a Conundrum.

.... St. Thomas More,
adorer of Christ's Passion,
who put prayer before all else,
devoted husband and father,
defender of the Church,
perfect model of friendship,
impervious to all bribery,
committed to the common good,
who reverenced civil and Divine law,
civil judge of unimpeachable integrity,
patron of those who hold public office,
pray for us now
at this critical time of election,
where so much is at stake,
where the lives of the unborn
and those most vulnerable
hang in the balance,
where the lives of the downtrodden
and defenseless against the terrorist
are most at risk.
Pray for us, St. Thomas More,
martyr for the truth,
that with this election,
we may draw ever closer
to the way God would have our country governed....

And Veritas has also blogged the novena.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 10/30/04 08:41:49 AM
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