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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Monday, November 15, 2004

Barone on the Election Fallout

Michael Barone has a great column today at TownHall, covering a lot of territory that we cover here at The Blog from the Core:

It was a bad election for Old Media. More than in any other election in the last half-century, Old Media — The New York Times and CBS News, joined often but not always by The Washington Post, other major newspapers, ABC News and NBC News — was an active protagonist in this election, working hard to prevent the re-election of George W. Bush and doing what it could for John Kerry. The problem for Old Media is that it no longer has the kind of monopoly control over political news that it enjoyed a quarter-century ago. And its efforts to help John Kerry proved counterproductive.
Compare the campaign of 2004 with the campaign of 1980. Back then, most voters got their news from the three nightly newscasts of CBS, ABC and NBC. The agenda for those newscasts was set largely by The New York Times, which network producers and anchors picked up on their doorsteps every morning in New York and Washington....

See also Walter Cronkite Is No More and Preliminary Report Almost Ready.

(Thanks, Charles.)

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Man Without Qualities


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Catholics in the Public Square

The successor weblog to Catholic (?) Kerry Watch.


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Re: 3-D Red-Blue

Margaret writes:

I have been reading Homosexual Network (1982), a sociological study by Enrique Rueda, a Cuban-born priest. Twenty-two years later what he learned is very apparent to anyone with half a brain now. He said the language of the homosexual ideology is hard for modern people, especially Americans due to our Civil Rights history, to resist. Everything hinges on "discrimination," "minority rights," "justice," "fairness," etc. Reuda also shows how all the radical organizations band together to support one another. He demonstrates further that unions and churches (and Catholic religious orders) have been complicit in this advance for decades....
The population demographic makes a starting contrast to the red counties map, doesn't it? Consider that the concentration of active homosexuals are congregated in those same high population densities. Per Homosexual Network, homosexual groups are linked most heavily with feminist and liberal groups to support one anothers' objectives. This helps us to understand the combined power of these aggressive agents of change. When their attitudes permeate the newspapers of the major metropolitan newspapers, huge percentages of the populations of those areas are slowly converted. Social conservatives are busy getting on with their lives and, if married with children, are too busy to notice what is happening until a critical mass of changes slap them in the face — gay marriage, for example. By the time their ire is roused, the language of discussion (always couched in civil rights terms) and the levers of influence have been coopted by their enemies.
As a man who has been in the Pro-Life trenches for decades said recently, "We are in the eleventh hour of the homosexual advance."

I thought I'd better blog that before the Homonazis make it a crime to do so.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 11/15/04 07:39:12 AM
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Sensible Mom Smacks Lawrence O'Donnell

A reader lets me know that her daughter corrects the ignorant opinion of a sore loser:

The latest complaint from the left is that the blue states pay for the red "welfare" states, and that people living in the blue states should not be ruled by the votes of the serfs in the red states.
First, I wouldn't assume that that is true since it is coming from Lawrence O'Donnell, you know, the guy who thinks the West Wing is real....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 11/15/04 07:14:29 AM
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"Academia ... and the Truth"

Found a printout of this over the weekend. Sorry I've neglected to blog it before.

.... I now ask you to consider the stifling of opinions on our campuses. When did you last hear of anyone defending fundamentalist Christianity or the superiority of Western civilization? Who has been allowed to express the opinion on our campuses that homosexuality is a perversion, that there exist racial differences in intelligence, that women’s place is in the home, that the Holocaust is a fiction, or that America is a force for the good in a corrupt world?
You may say that such opinions are justly stifled because their expression harms others. But if you thought that, you would be well-advised to think again. For if by harm you mean, narrowly, serious injury, such as murder, torture, or battery, then neither the opinions nor their expression harms others. And if by harm you mean, broadly, injury to the interest of the people affected, then you would have to be opposed to all laws and regulations which prohibit people from doing what they want or place burden on them that they do not wish to bear. You would, then, be committed to the absurdity of having to oppose laws about taxation, social security, immigration, and health care, since they injure the interests of those who are forced to pay for them. The truth of the matter is that the opinions stifled on our campuses run counter to a prevailing orthodoxy that abuses its power and prevents the expression of opinions it opposes.
This coercive stifling of opinion permeates daily life, not just our campuses. It is very hard to think of an area of life that is free of the exhortation of intrusive moralizing. We are told what food is right or wrong to eat; how we should treat our pets; what clothing to wear; how we should spend our after-tax income; how precisely we should phrase invitations for sex; what kind of bags we should carry our groceries in; when and where we are permitted to pray or smoke; what jokes we are allowed to tell; who should pick the fruit we buy at the supermarket; how we should invest our money; what chemicals we should use in our gardens; by what method of transportation we should go to work; how we should sort our garbage; what we ought to think about cross dressing, sex change operations, teenage sex, and pot smoking; we are forbidden to inquire after the age, marital status, drug use, or alcoholism of job applicants; we are liable to be accused of sexual abuse if we spank our children or hug our neighbor's; our 19 and 20-year olds are permitted to fight our wars, but they are not permitted to buy a beer; we are not supposed to say that people are crippled, stupid, mentally defective, fat, or ignorant; and we must not use words like "mankind," "statesman," or "He" when referring to God.
What makes this coercive moralizing even worse is the hypocritical double-talk by which it is presented. For the stifling of opinions is said to be required by toleration. Its defenders advocate toleration of discrimination in favor of minorities and women (but not against them); of obscenity that offends religious believers and patriots (but not African-Americans and Jews); of unions' spending large sums in support of political causes (but not corporations' doing the same); of pot smoking (but not cigarette smoking); of abortion (but not capital punishment); of the public lies of Clinton (but not of Nixon); of hate speech against fundamentalists (but not homosexuals); of sex education in elementary schools (but not prayer); of jobs open only to union members (but not private clubs open only to males); of lies about American imperialism (but not the Holocaust); of sacrilegious of language (but not of language that uses "he" to refer to all human beings); of scientific research into just about anything (except racial differences in intelligence); and so on and on. We are awash in this ocean of hypocrisy, lies, and falsifications. And that is the background against which I have written the lecture about the professoriate and the truth that you are about to hear....

See also "Liberal Groupthink Is Anti-Intellectual".

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 11/15/04 07:07:27 AM
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