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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Thu. 11/04/04 07:59:55 AM

The American Spectator Looks at America

First, an article by William Tucker, today:

.... Second, it's time to admit you have become the minority party. This isn't so bad. Republicans were a minority party from 1932 until 1994. I know it's hard because for Democrats the political is always personal and the personal is political. But there are other things in life. Look at the trial lawyers. They're essentially the Democratic Congress in Exile, out of office but functioning like the "private attorneys general" they fancy themselves and making a lot of money as well.
But it isn't the same, is it? To Democrats, politics means changing things — equalizing income, dispensing social justice, curing the sick, creating sustainable ecosystems. Pass a law and watch it happen! It never occurs to you that people can pursue these goals in the private sphere — and can accomplish things rather than just telling other people what to do.
The Old Democratic Party is going to have a tough, tough time dealing with this. The truth is, John Kerry was about the best candidate the Democrats could have offered. He had a war record, a patrician air, and enough verbal felicity to win people's trust. Yet Kerry was rejected. Somehow his vague "plans" about Iraq and health care never rang true. People have gotten smart. They aren't seduced by Democratic ideals anymore.
It isn't going to get better. Since Southerners stopped fighting the Civil War and joined their conservative brethren in the GOP, sectional differences have become meaningless in America. Instead, the country is divided rural vs. urban, cosmopolitans versus the average American. The cosmopolitans are able to project their vision out from New York and Hollywood, but people aren't listening anymore....
County by County 2004 Presidential Election Results @ 11/03/2004 - Updated 09:21 PM ET
County by County 2004 Presidential Election Results

Second, an article by George Neumayr, yesterday:

.... The elite were so out to lunch that it came as great revelation to them last night [Tue. Nov. 3] that many Americans named as their most important issue not Iraq, not the economy, but "moral issues." This was an election about "God, guns and gays," to use Howard Dean's phrase, and Kerry with his newly-bought Red Sox cap batted 0 for 3.
The American people did not want to entrust one nation under God to a Massachusetts liberal who campaigned with Bruce Springsteen and Peter, Paul, and Mary, a Senator who voted with NARAL 100% of the time, and a renegade Catholic who wouldn't recognize a moral teaching of his own church if it hit him coming around the corner.
It was quite a dismaying revelation to the media that so many traditional marriage propositions passed across the country. Reporters treated the numbers like a curious anthropological finding. Kerry was of course tone-deaf on this too. His clumsy appropriation of Mary Cheney for polemical purposes didn't help him one bit, and his contrived goose-hunting just confirmed to middle America that he was a patrician phony, posing for the peasants while the help collected the fowl he pretended to shoot.
It chafes on reporters that the American people voted for George Bush not in spite of his faith but because of it. They work hard to conjure up a "divided" nation on moral and religious matters, but again this is more a reflection of their feelings than the country's. The American people don't have a problem with Bush's faith; the media do. The aging heads of CBS — Dan Rather, Ed Bradley sporting an earring, Lesley Stahl, and Bob Schieffer — looked at the results with puzzlement. They had never seen the country so divided — from their agenda.
Michael Moore's Response to the 2004 Presidential Election
Michael Moore's Response to the 2004 Presidential Election:
Picture of George W. Bush Composed of Photos of Dead American Soldiers

P.S. The mosaic-image is called "War President" and it's by Joe at American Leftist.

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