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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 11/09/04 07:43:31 AM

Bork Specter

Thanks to a fellow blogger for calling our attention to this editorial at NRO, yesterday:

Republican senator Mike DeWine of Ohio is a great friend of the pro-life movement. His voting record consistently earns a 100-percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee. He cosponsors important pro-life legislation, from the famous (the ban on partial-birth abortion) to the currently obscure (Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act). "Mike DeWine is one of the United States Senate's strongest advocates in supporting efforts to protect the lives of unborn children," boasts his own website. "He is fighting tirelessly to ensure that those who cannot speak have a voice."
Today, DeWine is in a unique position to continue fighting tirelessly. As a GOP member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he can do his part to prevent his Republican colleague Arlen Specter, an abortion-rights die-hard, from becoming chairman of the panel that will shape the Supreme Court....

And here's an editorial at the Mobile Register, Nov. 7:

Neither President George W. Bush nor Republicans in the Senate should allow Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Mr. Specter, by virtue of seniority, is in line to become chairman of the committee in January. But his views and record on judicial matters are not in line with those of the president, nor with those of the majority of the voters who supported Mr. Bush.
Most infamously, Sen. Specter was the Republican who cast the key vote in 1986 to deny a federal judgeship to Alabamian Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions is now, of course, a senator who sits on the same Judiciary Committee that Mr. Specter hopes to chair.
That was far from Mr. Specter's only apostasy. The Pennsylvanian has bedeviled conservative Republicans for years on many other issues and nominations. And amazingly enough, just the day after being re-elected earlier this week — for a seat to which his own party would not have renominated him were it not for the intervention on his behalf by President Bush — Sen. Specter had the gall to warn the president against nominating judges who might be pro-life.
Even worse, he implied that opposition to the abortion-legalizing decision of Roe vs. Wade was somehow of a kind with opposition, in this day and age, to the civil rights decision of Brown vs. Board of Education -- as if a person being pro-life is on the same immoral plane as a person still pining for state-sponsored segregation.
Whatever one thinks of legalizing abortion, it is clear that such a willingness to smear the other side gives evidence of an injudicious mind-set and temperament.
Nobody of such temperament should be in a chairmanship which involves deciding whether judicial nominees themselves have an acceptably judicious mind-set and temperament.
Republicans should push Sen. Specter to another committee. And it would be poetic justice if Alabama Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby led the way.

Jeff Sessions, you may know, was nominated for a federal judgeship by Ronald Reagan, but was torpedoed by the Judiciary Committee. In return, he decided to run for the Senate. He won. And he now sits on... the Judiciary Committee.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 11/09/04 07:43:31 AM
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