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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 11/22/04 06:22:12 PM

Hate 101

The New York Daily News looks at anti-Semitism at Columbia, yesterday:

In the world of Hamid Dabashi, supporters of Israel are "warmongers" and "Gestapo apparatchiks."
The Jewish homeland is "nothing more than a military base for the rising predatory empire of the United States."
It's a capital of "thuggery" — a "ghastly state of racism and apartheid" — and it "must be dismantled."
A voice from America's crackpot fringe? Actually, Dabashi is a tenured professor and department chairman at Columbia University. And his views have resonated and been echoed in other areas of the university....

A familiar names crops up (quoted ellipsis in original):

.... Nicholas De Genova, who teaches anthropology and Latino studies. The Chronicle of Higher Education calls him "the most hated professor in America."
At an anti-war teach-in last year, he said he wished for a "million Mogadishus," referring to the slaughter of U.S. troops in Somalia in 1993.
"U.S. patriotism is inseparable from imperial warfare and white supremacy," he added.
De Genova has also said, "The heritage of the victims of the Holocaust belongs to the Palestinian people.... Israel has no claim to the heritage of the Holocaust."
De Genova didn't return calls....

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Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 11/22/04 06:22:12 PM
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