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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Saturday, December 04, 2004

Blogworthies XLIII

Because The Blog from the Core simply can't cover everything.

Noteworthy entries @ The Belgravia Dispatch, JunkYardBlog, Sed Contra, Dust in the Light, Turnabout, The Corner, Rooftop Blog, Scylla & Charybdis, Off the Record, Midwest Conservative Journal,, Catholic Analysis, The Astute Blogger, No Left Turns, Belmont Club,, and Sed Contra (again).

The NYT-NYRB Echo Chamber @ The Belgravia Dispatch (italics in original):

.... Hey, what liberal media!?! And, of course, the fact that Hedges has concluded we are an "isolated and reviled nation" that uses "force and violence" as its "primary form of communication" so that we are in danger of becoming just like a leading genocidaire of the 20th Century (what a heady, hyperbolic brew! some evidentiary moorings, please!) — that won't impact his reporting a wit, of course. Cuz, you know, it's the newspaper of record and it serves up its fare de haut en bas. Humbly accept these pearls of wisdom, friends. For they come from wiser and mightier folk than you and me....

Tortured Reasoning @ JunkYardBlog:

Wading through the fever swamp that Andrew Sullivan's writings have become, I came across this:
The new revelations from the Red Cross about Guantanamo certainly add to the questions that need to be posed to Alberto Gonzales in his Senate confirmation hearings. If you want to pile on by emailing your senators, here's a handy site from "End Torture Now." If we are going to have an attorney general who devised new legal ways to abuse prisoners and besmirch the reputation of the United States, he should at least be grilled about it first.
This requires some unpacking. The "new revelations" to which Sullivan refers are the allegations that the Bush administration has condoned actual torture of the detained enemy combatants at Gitmo. Without referring to the specifics of the charges, Sullivan seems to believe them to be established and unimpeachable fact....

Dems Advised To "Take A Pro-lifer To Lunch" @ Sed Contra:

Frederica Mathewes-Green, an Orthodox Christian writer and founder of Feminists for Life has an essay coming up soon on National Public Radio. She has sent it around for some of her readers to share....

What's Missing from Barry's Argument @ Dust in the Light:

The lyrics to Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young" provide a near-perfect phrasing of a deeply flawed line of thought: ....

Some notes on traditionalist futurology and the internet @ Turnabout:

Can the internet and traditionalism get along? On the face of it, the net sums up the most extreme features of the modern world. It destroys particular connections by making everything equally present to everything else. With all things in the same setting and position, the meaning and significance of things has nowhere to establish itself. Personal relationships become casual. Identities change at will and disappear. Everything becomes either an object of undifferentiated appetite or aversion or else a resource for some further purpose. Money, government decree, and technical rationality become the sole principles of order that can be relied on in the face of adversity....

Re: Dutch Abyss @ The Corner:

For me, the news that the Dutch are euthanizing babies brings back one of the most unsettling mornings of my life. It is 1990, and I am riding in the car through the tranquil, pastoral pastures of rural eastern Holland. My driver is a middle-aged Dutchman who speaks little English. He is sad, and trying to tell me why....

The Declaration of Independence and the Fear of God @ Rooftop Blog:

Russian poet Irina Ratushinskaya grew up in the final gray decades of Soviet communism. Despite, and partly because of, the best efforts of communist indoctrination, Irina became a follower of Christ as she matured into a woman of conscience. In 1983, at the age of 28, Irina was sentenced to seven years of hard labor and five years of internal exile for writing what was seen as anti-Soviet poetry. Before being exiled to the West, she wrote of her experiences in Grey is the Color of Hope.
She relates the unwieldy attempt of communist educators to ingrain atheism. In school, she says, they would learn to read, and then be told there is no God; and then learn math, and be told there is no God; and then science and be told there is no God. Irina says she eventually realized that, indeed, there was a God or they wouldn’t have to try so hard to convince her otherwise....

Sneak Peek at What's Not in the Memogate Report @ Scylla & Charybdis (emphasis in original):

.... I have previously written about the nefarious hand of CBS Legal in the Rathergate mess. Although it makes for better press to focus on Rather and Mapes, the real story here is CBS Legal.
The attorneys at CBS Legal have one primary objective: Do Not Allow Libelous Statements To Be Published. There are many other things they do, but their raison d’etre is to prevent libel....

slanted @ Off the Record:

Smarting over the refusal of believing Anglicans to rejoice in the predictably vacuous Windsor Report, Dr. Rowan Williams lashes out at the people who saw through the imposture: ....

"Turn Out the Lights..." @ Midwest Conservative Journal:

A while back, Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno, in order to reach out to three Los Angeles parishes who have broken away from ECUSA, suggested that there be some kind of international church conference including the African bishops the three parishes placed themselves under. One of those African bishops, Uganda's Henry Orombi, has now responded. His letter is reproduced here in its entirety: ....

Wal-Mart's Woes, Online Shopping, and the Economy: A Comment @

Bad news at Wal-Mart panicked some observers into worrying that the holiday shopping season will be a bust this year, dragging down the economy....

The Proportionalist Argument @ Catholic Analysis:

Proportionalists are those "Catholic" moral theologians who believe in situation ethics. In other words, they believe, contrary to Church teaching, that no acts are instrinsically evil and that whether an act is morally evil depends on its consequences.
Most of you who have studied Philosophy 101, or read any philosophy at all, will likely recognize this supposedly nuanced, avant-garde species of moral theology as nothing more than rehashed nineteenth century utilitarianism. And you would be right....

Why Condi's Nomination Angered the Left @ The Astute Blogger:

In a post today, Donald Luskin of The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid linked to an article by A Burgess Jackson. Burgess Jackson opined that the Left has been critical about Condi’s appointment because it violates their preconceptions of how people in certain groups should behave. In Condi's case she violates the principle that blacks are liberal Democrats.
Luskin expanded: Luskin argued that the Left don’t like Condi’s appointment because it's a form of poaching — Bush is encroaching on Liberal turf — as if blacks and women "belonged" to the Left and the Democrat Party.
I want to expand what on both proffered, and offer what I think is the underlying reason for the Left’s critique of Condi, and Bush’s other high profile appointments of blacks Hispanics and women (see this post for a dramatic description of the breadth and depth of Bush’s appointments):

Realignment? @ No Left Turns:

John F. Harris, a staff writer for the Washington Post considers whether or not the election was a realignment. This is not an especially deep article, but it is worth noting because the issue will continue to be raised in the MSM (and among academics), as it should. And there are few items to take note of....

Alexander and Darius @ Belmont Club:

Victor Davis Hanson reviews Alexander the Great and finds it bears no resemblance to history....

The Soul and the Unsound Mind @

I was recently involved in a discussion with a Protestant brother belonging to a non-denominational fundamentalist church. As many of you know, I was raised in a Christian home as a pastor's son. I will tell you that I was introduced to and accepted Christ before I can remember. This, however, was insufficient for my friend....

Jesus Didn't Come For Sinners After All @ Sed Contra:

"What you have to understand," one friend said, when I asked him about the New Oxford Review editors' persistent desire to demonstrate in public how deeply uncharitable they can be, "is that, in their mind at least, they are never wrong." ....

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