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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 12/21/04 07:45:50 AM

The United Nations: Trade Association of Government Power Brokers

Finally, a way to wrap your mind around that thing.

Carroll Andrew Morse writes at TCS today:

.... The United Nations is the pre-eminent trade association for people involved in the business of government power. Actually, it is more focused than that. The United Nations is the trade association for the world's executive branches — the place where executive branches come together to promote their individual interests to one another, and to promote the expansion of executive authority in general. This point is often missed by UN critics who dismiss the organization as nothing more than the world's greatest debating society. These critics confuse being voluntary with being powerless. Organizations like The American Bar Association, the American Medical Association, the International Tobacco Growers' Association are all voluntary — but certainly not powerless.
Once it is understood that the United Nations is a trade association for the promotion of executive authority, its behavior becomes almost rational. The trade association extends professional courtesy to its members — its cardinal rule is not to step on the toes of another executive. Saddam Hussein violated this rule by invading Kuwait and displacing another executive. Hussein paid for this mistake; the UN stepped in to enforce discipline amongst its members....
The most telling example is the Sudan. There is a well documented genocide underway in the Sudan. This past July, Congress passed a resolution calling the situation genocide, but a Congressional resolution is not a basis for UN action. The UN listens only to the actions of executive branches, and Congress is only the legislative authority, not the executive authority of the United States. Congress appealing to the UN is like a barber demanding changes in the rules of the American Medical Association. It doesn't matter how good his intentions are or how accurate his information is — he is not a member. The American Medical Association does not listen to barbers, it listens to its member doctors. And the United Nations doesn't listen to legislators — it listens only to its member executive branches....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 12/21/04 07:45:50 AM
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