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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Thu. 12/23/04 06:09:25 PM

A Satanic Gas?

And, Will on Crichton.

Thanks to a fellow blogger for this Congressional testimony, Oct. 6, 1999:

.... This testimony demonstrates that the observed climate changes that have accompanied the enhancement of the natural greenhouse effect have been considerably smaller than they were originally forecast to be, and that they are likely to remain similarly small. Further, they are inordinately confined into the winter, rather than the summer, and, within the winters, they are inordinately confined to the coldest, deadliest airmasses. There is no overall statistically significant warming in the average temperature of the United States, which is a record of 105 years in length. While the United Nations has stated that during the greenhouse enhancement, "the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate," I cannot view what has happened as a net negative; some might easily argue that it is a net benefit. Under neither interpretation does this qualify carbon dioxide as a climatic "pollutant." ....

Being on a roll, he also calls to our attention George Will's column at WaPo, today, a look at Michael Crichton's latest novel, State of Fear:

.... Last week Fiona Harvey, the Financial Times' environmental correspondent, fresh from yet another international confabulation on climate change, wrote that while Earth's cloud cover "is thought" to have increased recently, no one knows whether this is good or bad. Is the heat-trapping by the clouds' water vapor greater or less than the sun's heat reflected back off the clouds into space?
Climate-change forecasts, Harvey writes, are like financial forecasts but involve a vastly more complex array of variables. The climate forecasts, based on computer models analyzing the past, tell us that we do not know how much warming is occurring, whether it is a transitory episode or how much warming is dangerous — or perhaps beneficial....

See also "Aliens Cause Global Warming".

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Thu. 12/23/04 06:09:25 PM
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