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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Index for Week of December 26, 2004
    Saturday, January 01, 2005    
      Blogworthies XLVII
(01/01/05 03:07:49 PM; 1148 words)
Blogworthies XLVII Because The Blog from the Core simply can't cover everything. Noteworthy entries @ Catholic Analysis, India Uncut, Witting Shire, Michelle Malkin, Fraters Libertas, Scylla & Charybdis, Discriminations, One....
      Nice Start of the New Year
(01/01/05 03:01:33 PM; 60 words)
Nice Start of the New Year Today, a surprise donation to start off 2005. Thanks, Faithful Reader! Also, some recent kind words from a fellow blogger: I may have been....
    Friday, December 31, 2004    
      The Night Litany
(12/31/04 07:55:41 PM; 774 words)
The Night Litany Twenty years ago, I compiled an Order for Night Prayer. Here are four litanies, to be used singly, from that order. (They are not, I suppose, litanies....
      "Tremors of Doubt"
(12/31/04 07:44:10 PM; 376 words)
"Tremors of Doubt" David Hart, an Orthodox theologian, writes at OpinionJournal today in the wake of the tsunamis: .... The Christian understanding of evil has always been more radical and....
      "Bless Me, Bishop, For I Back Sinning"
(12/31/04 07:40:25 PM; 8 words)
"Bless Me, Bishop, For I Back Sinning" Vide.
      "A Unified Theory of the Old Media Collapse"
(12/31/04 06:13:08 PM; 426 words)
"A Unified Theory of the Old Media Collapse" A great article by Hugh Hewitt at The Weekly Standard, Dec. 28: .... Here's my first take on a theory. Call it....
      Patterico Flays LAT
(12/31/04 05:59:24 PM; 36 words)
Patterico Flays LAT Fine examples of why so much of mainstream media hates bloggers. Patrick Frey posts an almost-endless two-part exposition and analysis of political bias in the pages of....
      Blogroll Additions
(12/31/04 05:48:08 PM; 32 words)
Blogroll Additions I've added about 25 weblogs to Here a Blog, There a Blog. With the changes earlier this week, that's a net reduction of about twenty blogs in the....
    Thursday, December 30, 2004    
      Re: "Aliens Cause Global Warming"
(12/30/04 09:34:17 PM; 140 words)
Re: "Aliens Cause Global Warming" I'm late in blogging this nice message from a reader: I want to thank you for the link to Michael Chricton's Michelin lecture at CalTech,....
      Against the Grain Smacks UK Guardian
(12/30/04 08:29:31 PM; 16 words)
Against the Grain Smacks UK Guardian Christopher Blosser responds to a silly article in The Guardian.
      Christmas Around the Parish
(12/30/04 08:25:46 PM; 14 words)
Christmas Around the Parish Earl has a big round-up over at Times Against Humanity.
      St. Blog's Prayer Network
(12/30/04 10:15:36 AM; 8 words)
St. Blog's Prayer Network Vide. (Thanks, Steven.)
      CNS Headline Ticker
(12/30/04 08:54:54 AM; 66 words)
CNS Headline Ticker I've added a CNSNews Headline Ticker to the right-hand column on the main page. Feedback would be appreciated — especially if it causes any problems for your....
      The Map Room
(12/30/04 08:39:09 AM; 8 words)
The Map Room A weblog about maps. Vide.
      The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami
(12/30/04 08:20:41 AM; 189 words)
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami A weblog with "News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts", including a list of Relief Organizations Working in the Disaster Area.....
      "Letter To My Children"
(12/30/04 08:10:00 AM; 443 words)
"Letter To My Children" From the Foreward to Witness (1952) by Whittaker Chambers: I am sitting in the kitchen of the little house at Medfield, our second farm which is....
      Steven Kiel
(12/30/04 07:52:21 AM; 6 words)
Steven Kiel Vide. (Thanks, Ryan.)
    Tuesday, December 28, 2004    
      Madeleva, Meridian, and The Blog from the Core
(12/28/04 08:34:11 AM; 22 words)
Madeleva, Meridian, and The Blog from the Core The World Wide Web sure does establish some unexpected connections. Lege. Confer.
      A Couple of Looks at Blogging
(12/28/04 08:20:19 AM; 674 words)
A Couple of Looks at Blogging First, an article by blogger Ed Driscoll at TCS, yesterday (embedded ellipsis in original): For those of us Webloggers who track the media the....
      Catholic Carnival X
(12/28/04 08:00:17 AM; 8 words)
Catholic Carnival X At Living Catholicism this week.
    Monday, December 27, 2004    
      "Is Bush the Antichrist?"
(12/27/04 09:03:02 AM; 6 words)
"Is Bush the Antichrist?" Oh, my.
      The Real Meaning of Kwanzaa
(12/27/04 08:46:51 AM; 30 words)
The Real Meaning of Kwanzaa Kathy Shaidle's famous explanation. It's here and here and here. P.S. Here, too, which includes a photo and link to an interesting article.
      Light Blogging
(12/27/04 08:32:25 AM; 38 words)
Light Blogging I'm on vacation this week, and I'd like to do things I don't ordinarily get to do through the week. So, expect light blogging until the new year.....
    Sunday, December 26, 2004    
      "Some Hoping To Yell 'Bingo' For Excitement This New Year's Eve"
(12/26/04 09:17:13 AM; 16 words)
Your Humble, Faithful Blogster has a feature article in the Mon Valley section of today's Tribune-Review.
      Three by Madeleva VI
(12/26/04 08:55:04 AM; 278 words)
Three by Madeleva VI Poems by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C. Dialogue A Word, a Word Thou, Lord, didst utter which Thy willing handmaid heard, And infinite, small Life within my....

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