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Three by Madeleva VIII

Poems by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C.

Ballad of the Happy Christmas Wind

I am a happy Christmas wind;
I am courteous; I am kind.

I walked the way to Bethlehem town
Beside our Lady going down.

I know the inn she stood before;
I would have beaten down the door;

I thought on Mary and the Child;
I blew gently; I grew mild.

I ran ahead to find a house
To shelter Mary and her spouse.

I found a stable, loosed the door,
The cave they had been seeking for.

Because they had a place to bide
I was so glad, alone outside,

I ran across the hills for joy!
I waked a little shepherd boy,

And all the older shepherds stirred
At what they felt and what they heard

Of angel music, heavenly things!
I caught the song and gave it wings.

I ran across the midnight blue;
I ran across the ages, too;

I have it, have it here for you.
A Child is born for you again;

A Son is given, is given to men!
I am a singing wind. Amen.

Christmas Trees

Gift-laden all
great trees and small;

these, surely, these
are Christ's, Christ's trees.

Spring's pregnant hour
bears leaf, bears flower,

Which He transmutes
to summer fruits.

October's flame
burns with His name.

Fir trees and spruce
await His use.

High on its hill
one lone tree will

its great boughs lift
with Christ for gift.

God-laden all,
great trees and small,

green trees and gray
on Christmas day
give Christ away.


I cannot chant the angels' hymn
As did the hosts of seraphim.

I cannot even cross the wild
As shepherds did, to find the Child.

I cannot shine, a living star,
To guide grave magi from afar.

I have no incense, myrrh, or gold
For gift as had the kings of old.

In all the world there is nowhere
A place so poor, a spot so bare

Save the rude cave at Bethlehem town
Where Christ, my Savior, laid Him down.

Because I am like that mean stall
I may possess Him most of all.

(all from American Twelfth Night)

The Four Last Things: Collected Poems (1959) pp. 124f, 131f, 111.

See also Three by Madeleva VII: Poems by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 01/09/05 11:19:40 AM
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