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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Fri. 01/14/05 05:46:49 PM

It's New City Journal Time Again

Yes, it's that time again. Your Humble, Faithful Blogster has been informed by no less than the Senior Editor himself of City Journal that the latest issue is now available. As usual, I haven't had a chance to look at anything in depth, so here follows Brian Anderson's synopsis.

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In "On Campus, Conservatives Talk Back," I report that academe is growing less politically monolithic. Not the faculty, of course; but today's students are much less radical than their sixties-generation profs, and, thanks to their own efforts, reinforced by help from outside conservative groups, they have initiated a two-way conversation, even in Ivy League institutions, leavening colleges with some of the intellectual diversity they have hitherto shunned. David Horowitz's efforts are analyzed in detail.

Heather Mac Donald's "How to Interrogate Terrorists" shows that the widely accepted belief that the Abu Ghraib prison scandal sprang from our military's standard war-on-terror interrogation procedures-a belief nurtured to discredit both the war and our good faith in fighting it-is a myth. In fact, our interrogators take a fastidiously mild approach-too mild, she makes clear. But of course, most of those who promote the myth that we condone and practice torture are ex-sixties leftists for whom every war is Vietnam.

America's terrorist enemies are aware of how the cultural love of self-criticism and intellectual freedom central to Western democracy's strength can be transformed into weakness by propaganda campaigns to fan antiwar dissent, as Victor Davis Hanson explains in the hard-hitting "Postmodern War." They can't defeat us on the conventional battlefield, Hanson says, but they can triumph on the TV screen, by (for instance) making us look like butchers and torturers-which, as the Vietnam generation knows, can be enough.

As the New Left wanes, Steven Malanga's "The Real Engine of Blue America" describes the emergence of an increasingly powerful New New Left, a coalition of public-sector unions and social-services providers, whose agenda is always bigger government, more services, and more taxes. These tax eaters, increasingly the most powerful political force in the urban areas that the district- by-district electoral map shows really are "Blue" America, are growing ever more powerful in the national Democratic Party.

Lots of other things, too — Kay Hymowitz, Theodore Dalrymple, Peter Huber, etc.

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