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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 01/24/05 05:38:10 PM

March for Life 2005

Today is the 32nd annual March for Life in Washington DC. NRO reprints today a powerful editorial, originally published Jan. 26, 1998:

.... The abortion regime was born in lies. In Britain (and in California, pre-Roe), the abortion lobby deceptively promoted legal revisions to allow "therapeutic" abortions and then defined every abortion as "therapeutic." The abortion lobby lied about Jane Roe, claiming her pregnancy resulted from a gang rape. It lied about the number of back-alley abortions. Justice Blackmun relied on fictitious history to argue, in Roe, that abortion had never been a common law crime.
The abortion regime is also sustained by lies. Its supporters constantly lie about the radicalism of Roe: even now, most Americans who "agree with Roe v. Wade" in polls think that it left third-term abortions illegal and restricted second-term abortions. They have lied about the frequency and "medical necessity" of partial-birth abortion. Then there are the euphemisms: "terminating a pregnancy," abortion "providers," "products of conception." "The fetus is only a potential human being" as if it might as easily become an elk. "It should be between a woman and her doctor" the latter an abortionist who has never met the woman before and who has a financial interest in her decision. This movement cannot speak the truth.
Roe's supporters said at the time that the widespread availability of abortion would lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies, hence less child abuse; it has not. They said that fewer women would die from back-alley abortions; the post-1940s decline in the number of women who died from abortions, the result of antibiotics, actually slowed after Roe probably because the total number of abortions rose. They said it would reduce illegitimacy and child poverty, predictions that now seem like grim jokes....

Also at NRO, an article by MRC's Tim Graham, Feb. 4, 2003, looking at the commonly repeated errors about Roe v. Wade:

.... Abortion enthusiasts have spent much of the last 30 years touting the line that Harry Blackmun's majority opinion in Roe created a utopian America where any curtailment of abortion on demand meant the whittling away of the Supreme Court's "landmark" ruling. In legal reality, the supposed moderation of Blackmun's clumsy trimester-dividing opinion allowing regulations for late-term abortions if they didn't infringe on the health of the mother was swallowed up by Roe's companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, which made it clear that "health" would be defined so broadly that the "exception" swallowed the rule. The reality was abortion on demand....
Even conservative media outlets make this mistake. In their largely sympathetic account of the March for Life on January 23 [2003], Washington Times reporters Denise Barnes and Arlo Wagner reported "The Supreme Court voted 7-2 on Jan. 22, 1973, to legalize abortions in the first three months after conception. Pro-life demonstrators said 42 million abortions have been conducted since the decision was handed down."
Supreme Court justices, like other political actors, can often say one thing, and intentionally or unintentionally, the reality becomes something else entirely. The public expects journalists to be able to make fine distinctions, to deliver the news with judgment and context. Too often on this issue, reporters have played games of rhetorical confusion to make America sound more in favor of abortion, as citizens and as human beings, than they really are.

See also Thirty Years of Abortion on Demand in the USA and More Timely Pro-Life Articles.

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