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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 01/31/05 08:57:38 PM

Counting on Catastrophe

Thanks to Margaret for calling our attention to John Podhoretz's latest at the New York Post, today:

When you heard about the stunning success of the Iraqi elections, were you thrilled? Did you see it as a triumph for democracy and for the armed forces of the United States that have sacrificed and suffered and fought so valiantly over the past 18 months to get Iraq to this moment?
Or did you momentarily feel an onrush of disappointment because you knew, you just knew, that this was going to redound to the credit of George W. Bush? This means you, Michael Moore. I'm talking to you, Teddy Kennedy.
And not just to the two of you, but to all those who follow in your train.
There are literally millions of Americans who are unhappy today because millions of Iraqis went to the polls yesterday. And why? Because this isn't just a success for Bush. It's a huge win. It's a colossal vindication.
It's a big fat gigantic winning vindication of the guy that the Moores and Kennedys and millions of others still can't believe anybody voted for.
And they know it.
And it's killing them....

I'm sure you know by now, Faithful Reader, that Chappaquiddick Fats... er... I mean the old fart senior socialist senator from the great state of Gaymarriagechusetts Massachusetts practically committed treason in a speech last week. I paid it little mind, because I have had more than my fill of that kind of stuff after a year of it.

But it occurred to me today — I wish it had done so last week — that Kennedy's speech was not occasioned merely by the election in Iraq. No, it was occasioned by his expectation of a debacle in the election.

Somehow, that makes its resounding success even sweeter.

And, here's some thinking in the right direction.

P.S. Confer.

[Follow-up: Counting on Catastrophe II.]

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 01/31/05 08:57:38 PM
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