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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Index for Week of January 02, 2005
    Saturday, January 08, 2005    
      Blogworthies XLVIII
(01/08/05 09:16:25 AM; 2075 words)
Blogworthies XLVIII Because The Blog from the Core simply can't cover everything. Noteworthy entries @ No Left Turns, Mudville Gazette, Error Theory, Power Line, Santificarnos, The Remedy, Power Line (again),....
    Friday, January 07, 2005    
      "It Is So Your Business"
(01/07/05 10:09:08 PM; 88 words)
"It Is So Your Business" Thanks to a reader for calling our attention to this article by Mary Kochan at Catholic Exchange, yesterday: Ever notice how when folks are getting....
      So Why the Big Secret?
(01/07/05 09:58:00 PM; 19 words)
So Why the Big Secret? A reader calls our attention to this revealing article at NewsMax, Dec. 25, 2004.
      Text of Inaugural Address of Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker
(01/07/05 06:47:24 PM; 234 words)
Text of Inaugural Address of Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker It's here: .... When public safety is mentioned, many people think right away about the police. That means that if....
      Democracy Project
(01/07/05 05:52:11 PM; 3 words)
Democracy Project Vide.
      The Dictionary of the History of Ideas
(01/07/05 05:35:30 PM; 28 words)
The Dictionary of the History of Ideas Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas. At The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia Library. Lege :-). (Thanks, Michael.)
      The Blog from the Core at Apologia
(01/07/05 08:24:35 AM; 23 words)
The Blog from the Core at Apologia William Luse quotes your Humble, Faithful Blogster, yesterday. See The Confession of Dositheus.
      The Long-Awaited, Much-Vaunted CBSGate Report?
(01/07/05 08:03:05 AM; 46 words)
The Long-Awaited, Much-Vaunted CBSGate Report? Rumors have it that the coverup results of the investigation into CBSGate will be released shortly. Scylla & Charybdis blogs some very helpful suggestions to....
      Evolution News & Views
(01/07/05 07:44:17 AM; 13 words)
Evolution News & Views The weblog of Discovery Institute. Vide. (Thanks, Jonathan.)
    Thursday, January 06, 2005    
      Life & Marriage
(01/06/05 08:16:24 AM; 1344 words)
Life & Marriage The facts we forgot, to our sorrow, and now must relearn. Thanks to a reader for having forwarded this e-mail message from Austin Ruse, president of the....
      Winky Does Rule
(01/06/05 07:42:18 AM; 35 words)
Winky Does Rule If you dare, see Justin Katz's presentation of his source material from the writings of Andrew Sullivan, which Katz used for his recent NRODT article. See also....
      CNS Headline Ticker II
(01/06/05 07:36:59 AM; 126 words)
CNS Headline Ticker II Plus, Oh Calvin, Oh Hobbes! I have temporarily (at the least) suspended the CNS headline ticker. I didn't get any complaints, Faithful Reader, but I myself....
    Tuesday, January 04, 2005    
      Four Thousand!
(01/04/05 07:19:01 PM; 25 words)
Four Thousand! This is the 4,000th entry in The Blog from the Core. Thanks, Faithful Reader, for your continuing support. :-)
      Catholic Carnival XI
(01/04/05 07:07:01 PM; 19 words)
Catholic Carnival XI At CowPi Journal this week. Your Humble, Faithful Blogster has an entry in this week's Carnival.
      O the Sweetness of It
(01/04/05 05:52:14 PM; 17 words)
O the Sweetness of It Finally, an error we can rejoice over. Vide. (Thanks, Kathryn Jean.)
      "You Might Be A Liberal If ..."
(01/04/05 05:41:46 PM; 189 words)
"You Might Be A Liberal If ..." A column by Ed Lynch at the Roanoke Times, Dec. 30, 2004 (first ellipsis in original): .... You might be a liberal if....
      Iraqi Indicts The Left
(01/04/05 07:28:32 AM; 374 words)
Iraqi Indicts The Left Naseer Flayih Hasan writes at FrontPage, yesterday: Before the last war, we Iraqis spent decades cut off from the outside world. Not only did the Baathist....
      Adoption Law Madness?
(01/04/05 07:08:07 AM; 472 words)
Adoption Law Madness? Or, the fruition of an old plan? Asking the wrong questions. Jennifer Roback Morse writes at C-LOG, Sunday: Overturning an adoption placement that has been in place....
    Monday, January 03, 2005    
      Last Year's Martyrs
(01/03/05 08:56:27 PM; 87 words)
Last Year's Martyrs The Sacred Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples released, Jan. 1, a list of missionaries who suffered violent deaths in 2004. Brother Ignacio García Alonso Father César....
      Kalvsys Nightmare
(01/03/05 05:35:02 PM; 174 words)
Kalvsys Nightmare Just what I wanted on my first day back from vacation. Warning: technobabble ahead. I wasted lots of time today removing tons-o-crap from the secretary's computer. A Windows....
      Upstarts Drive Hack Over The Edge
(01/03/05 07:59:38 AM; 2112 words)
Upstarts Drive Hack Over The Edge Nick Coleman vs. the Power Liners. No contest. Hindrocket, Big Trunk, and Deacon sure have a lot of nerve: they have opinions and express....
    Sunday, January 02, 2005    
      Three by Madeleva VII
(01/02/05 12:36:34 PM; 328 words)
Three by Madeleva VII Poems by Sister M. Madeleva, C.S.C. Stars We are the stars that have watched the night skies with the prophets of old; We are the magi....

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