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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 02/01/05 05:27:13 PM

Nuns and SUVs

A lesson in perspective.

A reader writes:

So I was mumbling to myself because I just spent a few bucks to go through the car wash to clean the dirt and sand off my new SUV and then I read this.

A Reuters article at AlterNet, Jan. 26:

One of the last two German nuns who endured years in communist North Korean camps was buried on Wednesday after a service attended by deaf-mute people she helped during more than six decades on the peninsula.
Sister Caritas died unexpectedly but peacefully on Monday whispering "Guardian angel, guardian angel", the head of her priory, Sister Gertrude, told Reuters. Sister Caritas was 91....
Her life-long friend, Sister Bertwina, is now the sole survivor of the original large group of German missionary nuns, monks and priests who came to Korea in the 1930s as Hitler tightened his grip in Germany....
In their latter years in what passes for retirement when you are a nun, the two sisters chatted almost daily about their life in Korea and often conversation turned to their time in North Korea.
They worked there, notably in Wonsan on the east coast, from the mid-1930s until the North Koreans imprisoned them before the 1950-53 Korean War and subsequently sent them to desolate labour camps that cost the lives of many of their compatriots.
Talking with outsiders, they played down their hardships before they were exiled in 1954 but the suffering was great.
"It's not something you can forget," said Sister Bertwina. Cardinal Kim and other priests said both women were remarkable for never expressing hatred for their captors....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 02/01/05 05:27:13 PM
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