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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Thu. 03/17/05 09:14:25 PM

Query About Communist Subversion and Academic Bias

A reader writes:

I read a column about five years ago, which I am trying find. Quite possibly Horowitz wrote it – I’ve written to him to inquire, but have not heard an answer yet.
The article discussed a high level planning decision by the American Communist Party back in the 1950’s. In it, the Communists determined that they had reached the apex of their societal influence from infiltration of the labor unions, and they therefore decided to focus their attention on a systematic invasion of America’s colleges and universities. It was reasoned that then-current centrist department heads would welcome leftist diversity in their liberal naïveté. 50 years later, with hard-core leftists supplanting them in positions of power, today’s far-left department heads shun centrists and conservatives.
This strategic decision is a seminal point to the current discussion about the crisis in academia, and would be a significant revelation within the blogosphere. This strategic infiltration is the root cause of the crisis at CU, at Harvard, and at many, many other schools.
Would you ask your readers if they have information on this?


Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Thu. 03/17/05 09:14:25 PM
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