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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 03/28/05 07:05:19 AM

The Schiavo Verdict

The winners are lawyers, experts, and men.

But we are all losers, really.

The results are in.

  1. Judicial supremacy — rather than the alleged checks-and-balances of separate-but-equal branches of our democratic, republican system — has been confirmed: nobody in power anywhere found any way — or should I say any will? — to break through the circled wagons of the black-robed lawyers. The founders of our nation would be appalled at what we have allowed to happen to our government(s).

    Appalled? Sure. But maybe not surprised.

  2. Experts chimed in, as if on cue, to let us know that starvation and thirst lead to an easy, peaceful death. One wonders why, then, in several jurisdictions around the country, farmers and ranchers are in various stages of prosecution for having starved people cattle to death. And the Donner party, we may surmise, didn't know how lucky they had gotten.

    These experts, one must assume, actually thought that we would believe such claptrap. And mainstream media was more than willing to allow the proponents of Easy Death By Starvation And Dehydration a venue, without providing the same venue to contrary voices.

    One is tempted to think that crap like Starve Yourself Into Bliss is so obviously crap that even reporters and editors know it doesn't need to be rebutted. One must wonder, then, wonder very much, why it was presented in the first place.

  3. Three or four decades of Women's Lib feminism cultural Marxism have finally obliterated the feminine voice. I don't mean just that Michael Schiavo is being allowed to kill his wife while his partner in adultery and the mother of his children waits to take Terri's place. (Hey, Jodie Centonze, here's my advice to you: Don't ever get really sick.)

    I mean that the medical professionals — doctors — who actually spent some time (sometimes very little time) with Terri Schindler Schiavo and pronounced her an unusually large zucchini are men; the medical professionals — nurses — who actually spent some time (sometimes very much time) with her and pronounced her a living, aware, responsive human being are women, whose word apparently doesn't count for much, if anything at all.

    Betty Friedan, call your office.

  4. Finally, whatever person(s) first came up with the detestable phrase "persistent vegetative state" must have done so out of hatred for the human race, trying to come up with as many excuses as possible to kill people.

The Weekly Standard now has quite a few good articles on the Schiavo case, including these:

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 03/28/05 07:05:19 AM
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