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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 03/29/05 06:48:35 PM

A Reader Writes

A missive from a new, and probably former, reader of The Blog from the Core.

This just in (ellipses in original):

Sorry to bother you as I am sure you will not be happy to read what I have written...
I read your website today and was nothing less than appalled. Who are you to push your beliefs on a family that you don't know? So you believe in God? Well, SOME PEOPLE DON'T! If you see that as a bad thing, fine, it's your choice, but I think it's so wrong and intolerant of you to be saying such strong things when you have no right to. Expressing your opinion is one thing, we live in a country of free speech but you've really gone too far. Not that it matters, but I don't believe in God and yes, I've been informed by some very religious relatives, including my mother, that I'm going to hell, but if I am, at least I'm going doing what I knew was right in my heart. Intolerance is everything that is wrong in this world, if we eliminated intolerance, what would ANYONE have to fight about? I'm sorry I just think that it's very very wrong of you to go around making judgements and despensing information with no basis other than your religion. (Science kinda has more proof than religion, in case you haven't noticed... just a thought.) Anyway, this web site of yours just struck me as so absurd that I felt it nessecary to speak my mind and exercise MY freedom of speech, thank you for your time.

My reply:

I'm not "pushing my beliefs" on anybody. I am writing. Besides, I am a free person living in a free society. Like everybody else in such a situation, I am free to write, free to lobby legislators, free to lobby governors and presidents, and free to condemn as loudly as I can the injustices inflicted on the innocent by a runaway judiciary. Like you, I am free to base my perceptions and judgements on any grounds I wish to do so, whether you approve of them or not. And I truly hope you won't spend the rest of your life rebelling against your mother. Thanks for writing.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 03/29/05 06:48:35 PM
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  Needless Commentary from Small-Town America  

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