Core: noun, the most important part of a thing, the essence; from the Latin cor, meaning heart.

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From "Saints Peter and Paul"

By Rev. Ronald Knox, June 29, 1947.

A sermon preached at the Church of Our Most Holy Redeemer and St. Thomas More, Chelsea.

.... Shall we remember to pray all the more earnestly for the Holy Father, in troubled times like these? If our critics were right, if the Vicar of Christ had no other office to perform than to be a drag on the wheels of history, forbidding this, repressing that, fulminating endless decrees against everybody who did something which had not been done before, said something which had not been said before, how unlaborious a life he might lead, how unexacting! But it is not so, and it has never been so; in our day, perhaps more than ever, the Popes have a wider and nobler conception of the duty they have undertaken; they will give the world positive guidance, they will initiate, they will spur us to action. They will not be content to criticize (no difficult matter) the false standards they see prevailing in an exhausted and disillusioned world. They will set before it, instead, the pattern of a Christian world-order, of a civilization penetrated with, and expressing, the mind of Christ. And if we are to be worthy, you and I, of those great pontificates under which the divine mercy has privileged us to live, we must not be content, either, with a merely negative Catholicism which forbids us to do this, discourages us from doing that, shuts us up in ourselves and reduces the Christian life to a treadmill routine of avoiding sin. We must react generously, and if need be heroically, to the conditions of our age, of a world which enjoys a precarious, and, if we fail in our duty, an ignoble peace....

[Pastoral Sermons and Occasional Sermons, ed. Philip Caraman, S.J., pp. 497f.]

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  Needless Commentary from Small-Town America  

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