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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sat. 07/01/06 07:12:00 AM

"Of Eyes And Hearts"

By Sigmund, Carl and Alfred @ Sigmund, Carl & Alfred:

"I will lift mine eyes up to the hills; from whence shall come my help?"
A while back, I remarked to a friend that someday, I would write about the day grandfather taught me about prayer. Well, today is that day.
The meaning of those poetic words of anguish, written by David, the Psalmist, were explained to me when I was young man, by my beloved grandfather, an extraordinary man. I have written about him once before, and noted the influence he had on my life.
From time to time, he and I would drive to the East End. In what was to become a ritual and preamble to out talks, we made our way to where he grew up. He would laugh and remember the games he played as a young boy — tippit, red rover and johnny on the pony. He would recount his most daring and dashing exploits of his youth, pointing out the landmarks and alleyways that were his youthful domain and Nottingham Forest. His eyes shone with the clarity and fire of the 10 year old gallant knight he was, as he recounted those stories.
After we had walked through the neighborhood that was his childhood kingdom, we headed toward a small local park and sat on a park bench — always the same park bench, and engaged in conversation. For many years I did not know that was the same bench that he and his father shared on many occasions, many years earlier....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 07/01/06 07:12:00 AM
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