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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 07/25/06 11:38:18 AM

"Summer Remembered"

Random Poetry List LVIII

Sounds sum and summon the remembering of summers.
The humming of the sun
The mumbling in the honey-suckle vine
The whirring in the clovered grass
The pizzicato plinkle of ice in an auburn
uncle's amber glass.
The whing of father's racquet and the whack
of brother's bat on cousin's ball
and calling voices call-
ing voices spilling voices...
The munching of saltwater at the splintered dock
the slap and slop of waves on little sloops
The quarreling of oarlocks hours across the bay
The canvas sails that bleat as they
are blown. The heaving buoy bell-
ing HERE I am

listen listen listen
The gramophone is wound
the music goes round and around
voices calling  calling  calling
"Children! Children! Time's Up
Time's Up"
Merrily sturdily wantonly the familial voices
cheerily chidingly call to the children TIME'S UP
and the mute children's unvoiced clamor sacks the summer air
crying Mother  Mother  are you there?

Isabella Gardner (b. 1911)

Originally e-mailed on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 @ 7:50 AM.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 07/25/06 11:38:18 AM
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