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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sat. 01/05/08 09:19:13 AM

Memo to Presidential Campaigns

Re: mixed messages.

Try not to send mixed messages — especially simultaneously for all the world to see.

For instance, here is a (rather poor-quality) vidcap of Hillary Clinton's speech after the Iowa caucuses:

Hillary Clinton / Speech After Iowa Caucuses / Thursday, January 3, 2008

See on the podium in front of her? "Ready for Change" it says. (Below that, obscured by the TV graphic, it says "Ready to Lead".)

But see behind her? On the right, the immediate past President of the United States. On the left, his last Secretary of State (looking, as my Dad would say, like death warmed over).

Clue to campaigns: if you want people to believe you're actually going to offer some kind of change from the status quo, don't surround yourself with relics from the ancien régime. Otherwise, people will understand "Ready for Change... Ready to Lead" as code for "More of the Same Old Same Old".

Unless, of course, that's what you want some people to understand.

P.S. I'm not the only one who observed tell-tale signs of a "Clinton Restoration"; see Chris Wallace's contribution to this dialogue from FOX News Special Report With Brit Hume, Jan. 4 (as is):

.... CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS HOST: I think that John Edwards was right. Last night was a vote about status quo or the establishment or experience on the one hand, and change. And change did win. If you add Edwards and Obama together, it's pretty overwhelming. It's about two-thirds of the vote.
According to our entrance polls, Democrats as they went in when they were asked which is more important, change or experience, by about 50 percent to 20 percent, Democrats chose change. That's what they want.
And I watched last night after all the voting was over and the candidates started to come out. First, Obama came out, and he was electric.
HUME: You heard a piece of that there. He was electrifying.
WALLACE: That was from this morning. But from last night in Iowa, it was electric. And all I can describe as is it was Kennedyesque. He was talking about a moment in time and a challenge to the nation.
Then you saw Hillary Clinton. And Hillary Clinton was up on the stage, and on one side of her you saw Bill Clinton and Chelsea, and another side Madeleine Albright. And to me it looked like nothing as much as madam Tuso's wax works. It was a bunch of figures from the 1990's.
I don't know how you can make an argument that you are an agent change when you see the wax works behind you. It is about change, or is it about the Clinton restoration? Because last night it sure looked like the Clinton restoration....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sat. 01/05/08 09:19:13 AM
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