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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Wed. 01/09/08 11:22:55 AM

I Am a Pundit, and I Need Help

I am hopelessly addicted to crack cocaine, heroin, polls.

I am a pundit. No, I am The Pundit. I am All Pundits. I am Punditry. And I am hopelessly addicted to polls. I cannot get through one day without snorting.

I know very well that everybody was stunned by the Clinton win in New Hampshire yesterday because... because... because none of the polls said she'd win.

Today, though, I am right back to snorting polls. I can't help myself.

Here. Look at me. Look at me! O! I can hardly bear to look at myself. But! you! look! at! me!

Rasmussen [David Freddoso]
His new poll of Pennsylvania has McCain beating Hillary (48-42) or Obama (46-38) in the Keystone State. Huckabee loses to Hillary (46-44), as does Romney (49-39).
No one votes based on electability (5 percent of Republicans made it their priority in New Hampshire yesterday), but it's worth noting that things are not as bad as they look for Republicans.
01/09 10:28 AM

See? I am hopeless, I am helpless. From yesterday's experience, I know damn well that polls can't predict what people will do from one day to the next, even when the field of candidates is known and the number of electors is relatively small.

Still — somebody! please! help me! somebody! — I think that a poll about people who may or may not be on the ballot ten months from now actually means something!

Somebody! Please! Help me! Somebody!

What's that? I should just listen to the Mighty Victor? What does he say?

.... The campaign talking heads and opinion makers this season have been lousy, about the worst in memory — especially the “she’s won, she’s lost, she’s won...” feeding frenzy, and then writing the silly “end of the Clinton era” essays — all based on a few thousand Iowans, some bad polls in New Hampshire, and catch-up to what some other wrong pundit wrote an hour earlier. And remember, these are “experts” who pontificated each week on the real Iraq war.
They remind one of the ridiculous gnashing tropical carp, splashing about in Saddam’s old Baghdad pond.

No! I told you! I can hardly bear to look at myself!

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Wed. 01/09/08 11:22:55 AM
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