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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 02/04/08 10:33:37 PM

Verboten II

Medieval images of Mohammed.

Charles Johnson reports a virtual jihad against, of all things, Wikipedia, today:

Apparently there are a whole lot of Muslims enraged and offended at Wikipedia, because there are ... gasp ... drawings and images of Mohammed in his Wikipedia entry.

Here are two of them:

Early Fourteenth-Century Image of Mohammed @ Wikipedia
Early Fourteenth-Century Image of Mohammed @ Wikipedia

Late Fifteenth-Century Image of Mohammed @ Wikipedia
Late Fifteenth-Century Image of Mohammed @ Wikipedia

May this entry at The Blog from the Core be considered virtual moral support for the Wikipedians, who have the following notice posted now:

Please note that discussion on this talk page has determined that pictures of Muhammad will not be removed from this article and any removal of the pictures without discussion here first will be reverted on sight....

I must wonder aloud, though, how long that will remain the policy.

See also Verboten.

لن أستسلم

P.S. I was going to post some thoughts on one of the Wikipedia talk pages, but I have decided against doing so; however, I will blog them now (02/07/08 09:43 AM):
Considering the actual history of the Mohammed Cartoon Wars, I'll make quite a different prediction: some time, when the article is not sufficiently protected, a Moslem will add extremely offensive (to just about everybody's sensibilities) images of Mohammed and get screen shots before they're removed. Those screen shots will then be used by Moslems to inflame Moslem sensibilities beyond all reason. If you don't think that's a consideration, please think again; as I said, the like has already been done. Upon further thought, in the age of easy photoshopping, such could be done without actually editing Wikipedia for a moment. Heck, nobody even needs photoshop to mock-up a page: anybody can copy the page, insert whatever images they like, and make it look like the real thing. Remember: deception has already been employed in the name of protecting the "prophet" from "blasphemy" and caused riots around the world. Those of you actively involved here: don't be surprised if you get slimed for something you actually had nothing to do with.

P.P.S. I think that the Wikipedians think this issue is going to go away; I'd bet they're mistaken. I think, rather, that they will eventually look back on these days — when they can merely debate when and how much to protect the Mohammed article from editing, and complain about trolls — as the halcyon time of innocent naivete.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 02/04/08 10:33:37 PM
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