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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Sun. 08/10/08 06:32:01 PM

Roscoe Loses Former Fire Chief

A former chief of the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Company, Capt. Sean Whiten, who lived a few blocks from me, died while on duty yesterday:

A former Washington County fire chief died Saturday between training exercises at the Westmoreland County Fire Training Center in South Huntingdon, family and friends said yesterday.
Sean Whiten, 47, of Stockdale, a Roscoe fire captain and a state certified fire training instructor, fell ill around 11 a.m. yesterday. He was pronounced dead close to noon at Monongahela Valley Hospital in Carroll Township, Washington County....

I interviewed Sean a few years ago for a story following local severe flooding:

.... In the late afternoon hours of Sept. 17 [in 2004], the Washington County Emergency Management Agency called the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Co., hoping they would have a boat and would be able to help out in Houston, where homes were starting to get flooded. Roscoe Fire Chief Sean Whiten, Capt. Brian Billy, and firefighter Matt Barber answered the call with the company's 16-foot aluminum boat....
Sean Whiten is very proud of his crew.
"My guys deserve medals," he said, "and whatever other accolades they can get. They're heroes. And I don't say that lightly. They saved two lives."

I took these photos this afternoon at the Fire Hall, which is on the same block where I live.

Whiten Memorial at Base of U.S. Flagpole
Whiten Memorial at Base of U.S. Flagpole

Facade of Roscoe Fire Hall
Facade of Roscoe Fire Hall

Requiescat in pace.

P.S. Some news articles have the name of the borough and of the fire company wrong: the correct name and spelling is Roscoe Volunteer Fire Company.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Sun. 08/10/08 06:32:01 PM
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