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Thirty-Third Anniversary

I joined the Catholic Church 33 years ago today, Thursday, October 9, 1975.

The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.... If the Faith has all the freshness of a new religion, it has all the richness of an old religion; it has especially all the reserves of an old religion. So far as that is concerned, its antiquity is alone a great advantage, and especially a great advantage for purposes of renovation and youth. It is only by the analogy of animal bodies that we suppose that old things must be stiff. It is a mere metaphor from bones and arteries. In an intellectual sense old things are flexible. Above all, they are various and have many alternatives to offer. There is a sort of rotation of crops in religious history; and old fields can lie fallow for a while and then be worked again. But when the new religion or any such notion has sown its one crop of wild oats, which the wind generally blows away, it is barren. A thing as old as the Catholic Church has an accumulated armoury and treasury to choose from; it can pick and choose among the centuries and brings one age to the rescue of another. It can call in the old world to redress the balance of the new....
The Faith had not only been true all along, but it had been true to the first and the last things, to our unspoilt instincts and our conclusive experience; and it had condemned nothing but an interlude of intellectual snobbishness and surrender to the persuasions of pedantry. It had condemned nothing but what we ourselves should have come to condemn, though we might have condemned it too late....
There is something very notable about a thing which is arbitrary when it is also accurate. We may very easily forget, even while we fulfil, the advice that we thought was self-evident sense. But nothing can measure our mystical and unfathomable reverence for the advice that we thought was nonsense....
The world deceived me and the Church would at any time have undeceived me. The thing that a man may really shed at last like a superstition is the fashion of this world that passes away....
I know that Catholicism is too large for me, and I have not yet explored its beautiful or terrible truths.... (From The Exception Proves The Rule in The Catholic Church and Conversion by G.K. Chesterton)

Four years ago today, I blogged sonnets by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Theodore Maynard, and Chesterton, all of whom were converts to the Catholic Church.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Thu. 10/09/08 08:17:43 AM
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