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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Tue. 03/03/09 05:12:16 PM

These Go Together

Dr. Sanity and Sigmund, Carl and Alfred posted complementary blogs yesterday.

First, from Dr. Sanity's Democratic Party as a "Shame" Culture? (emphasis in original):

.... Another way understanding this "shame and guilt" culture distinction is that, those who will do anything to avoid shame, have bought into psychological denial big time; their emotions and the need to feel good about themselves has become more important than reason, truth or reality.
This is the same psychological maneuver that allows people to claim they are champions of free speech, as they diligently work to silence anyone with views that differ from their own. Inevitably, it leads to complete intellectual and moral bankruptcy. Where once they stood for freedom; they now enable dictatorships and apologize for tyrants. Where once they sought to bring justice to the world; they now defend horrific acts of mass murder and enslavement. Where once they rightly demanded equal opportunity, they have embraced all kinds of racial quotas and discriminatory practices and demand equality of outcome. Where once they sought to empower the weak; they are now instrumental in maintaining and expanding their victimhood....

Now, SC&A's Arabization Of American Politics (emphasis in original):

.... Like the Palestinians under Arafat, years of self delusion by Democrats have blinded Americans to reality. We donít need a welfare state — our history of successes are proof of that. We do not need to hate ourselves — our history of liberating oppressed people speaks to that. We do not need to hate our own greatness as a nation and aspire to be equal to other nations — our long history of helping others in need is testimony to that. No other nation in history has done more for other individuals or nations in need.
America has earned the right to sit at the head of the table of great and free nations. America does not need to lower herself by equating this nation with failed, bigoted and oppressive nations. They are not are equals.
The Democrats are playing with fire by insisting this nation be responsive to their kind of government. We are Americans and we cannot be recast into something we are not. The Democrats want to cast America and Americans into anything not American....

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Tue. 03/03/09 05:12:16 PM
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  Needless Commentary from Small-Town America  

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