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The Weblog at The View from the Core - Mon. 08/10/09 10:34:50 PM

The Obamanation on Star Trek

Star Trek? Yes, Star Trek.

Some dialogue from "I, Mudd", an episode of the original Star Trek series first broadcast on November 3, 1967, exemplifies, I think, the rationale (such as it is) behind the push by Democrats in Washington to shove health-care "reform" down our throats.

The ship's crew is captured and detained by a race of androids. Androids attempt to explain to the humans the benefit of the crew's captivity in the following exchange (beginning at about the 29:00 minute mark):

Head Android: Your species is self-destructive. You need our help.
Captain Kirk: We prefer to help ourselves. We make mistakes, but we're human. And maybe that's the word that best explains us.
Head Android: We will not harm you, but we will take the starship, and you will remain on this planet.... We cannot allow any race as greedy and corruptible as yours to have free run of the galaxy.
Lt. Cdr. Spock: I'm curious, Norman. Just how do you intend to stop them?
Head Android: We shall serve them. Their kind will be eager to accept our service. Soon they will become completely dependent upon us.
Another Android: Their aggressive and acquisitive instincts will be under our control.
Head Android: We shall — take care of them.
Spock: Eminently practical.
Kirk: The whole galaxy controlled by your kind?
Android: Yes, Captain. And we shall serve them, and you will be happy — and controlled.

Mutatis mutandis, I think that pretty much explains the whole ball of wax.

Lane Core Jr. CIW P — Mon. 08/10/09 10:34:50 PM
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